How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship


Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and not being able to be together can be hard. There may be many reasons why meeting up for the 14th of Feb is just impossible, do not fret, you can still have a Valentine’s Day to remember even if you can’t be together on the day! Follow this Valentines Day guide if you need a bit of inspiration.


Start Early

Wake up your partner with a sweet morning text or perhaps a voicemail so they can hear your voice. Be the first thing your loved one hears or sees on this special day and you will instantly feel happier, even if you can’t physically be together. You may want to send a letter, in the times of social media and technology, having a hand-written letter or note feels extra thoughtful and is something to treasure.


The Present

This is a great way to show how much you care. Maybe you want to surprise them with a train or plane ticket to you to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are both free, or vice versa. Maybe if you have been thinking about it for a while, you may choose this time to finally surprise them by telling them you are moving to them.

Expat love is on the rise and there has never been an easier time to relocate to your loved one although, be wary of the risks that come with relocating. According to this Santa Fe Relocation article about long distance relationships, “it’s too easy to become isolated and for homesickness to set in” once a partner relocates to another country, and so it’s important for the moving partner to quickly establish their own life (job, friends, money etc.) in that country. Whatever present you chose, it isn’t about how much you spend, it is about how well you know them. Santa Fe Relocation also have the below ideas for Valentines Day:


valentines infographic



Movie Date Night

Not being able to spend the day physically together does not mean you cannot still see each other and do something together. Perhaps you can take this time to watch that movie you’ve been dying to see, you can still watch it together and catch up on the cuddling next time you see each other. Skype or Facetime is a great way to talk all night for free, you could even eat dinner together too! We know it isn’t the same but don’t be disheartened, this won’t be forever and thanks to technology we can now be closer than ever, even if we are miles apart!


Keep it Meaningful

Perhaps you want to send something your partner can open throughout the day, such as small letters or clues about their present. This takes thought and time to do, especially if you are in different countries. You may want to send something you can use next time you are together such as a beautiful new lingerie set or a game you’ve both been wanting to play, so it is something to look forward to. You know your partner best, you know what will really tug at their heart strings and what will mean the most.

Unfortunately, life can get in the way and we may not be able to spend Valentine’s Day with the one we love. Following these steps can help ensure your partner knows how much you care, even if you can’t physically show them.






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