4 Things to Consider When Buying Gifts for Your Large Family


If you’ve ever tried to find gifts for your large family, you know it can be a struggle. Each individual has their own tastes and what works for one child, will not necessarily work for another. It can be very frustrating and time consuming. Finding jewelry for someone on ItsHot may work for a few, but definitely won’t work for everyone. Here are five things to consider when you’re buying gifts for your large family.


Your budget

The first thing to always consider with any family size, but especially with a large family is your budget. You should determine how much you plan to spend on each person. Many adults in large families make the rule that adults won’t have presents and only children under a certain age will recieve gifts. That definitely will cut down on how much you’ll need to spend, but always be prepared to stay within your budget. It’s easy to move outside the range, “Just this one time.”  The next part of that is looking at your actual spend being three times the amount you’d budgeted. This isn’t a pretty picture when you’re on a budget already as a large family. Many of the adult children are more than happy to chip in and help also. So you can share the expense of it also. The key is to make a budget, set the rules, and stick to them.


The occasion

The second thing to consider is the occasion. There are large holidays such as Easter, Ramadan, and Christmas. These large holidays will determine what you’ll be getting for your large family. Some holidays are easy and cheap to give gifts. You can make gifts for Easter. Depending on your religion, you’ll know whether the occasion calls for a large gift or a small homemade gift. You may decide you want to save gift giving for one big occasion such as Christmas. In which case, you’ll only have to buy a lot of gifts at one time before then. Some families look for deals all year round and buy gifts during the off season when they’re cheaper and easier to obtain. With a large family to buy for, you don’t want to wait to the last minute to try to buy for so many.


The person’s likes and dislikes

When you’ve figure out the above details, you’ll want to make a list with each person’s name in a column, then you’ll want to create two columns under each name labeled Likes and Dislikes. Then as the parents, you will want to brainstorm each child’s likes and dislikes. Once you’ve gotten a list, you will be able to naturally start to come up with ideas that will fit within the Likes column. If one of your children doesn’t like action figures, then you’ll want to stay away from getting that 50% off GI Joe action figure for them. You may have a child who loves to work with their hands, so giving them something to read wouldn’t be a good gift. As children age, their likes and dislikes change, that is why making the list each year is important. What your little boy wanted to play with at five years old may not be what he wants to play with at seven years old. Your eight year old daughter may love coloring books, but when she’s eleven, she may enjoy makeup and dresses more.


It’s about experiences

In the end, sometimes, it’s not about gifts at all, but about creating experiences. Perhaps for christmas, instead of giving each child a gift, you may take everyone on a trip to a cabin and stay in a mountainous snow covered playground where the kids can play in the snow and drink hot chocolate by a real fireplace. Or you may decide to splurge and go on a vacation to someplace warm and make sand castles on the beach and swim in the warm blue ocean. Memories are sometimes more important than a gift that can be forgotten within a day. As your children grow into adults they’ll remember those large family gatherings when everyone was together and enjoyed an experience that they’d never had before.






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