Bouncy Castles- Fun for all Occasions

Bouncy castles are among the best items to have at children’s parties. They consist of various amazing features that guarantee plenty of fun for the entire family. Bouncy castles are often rented and can be found at festivals, birthday parties, school events and private homes. They are available for different occasions at affordable rates.



There is a wide array of bouncy castles, including the popular bungee run, obstacle course, inflatable slide and standard bouncy castles. The castles are designed to facilitate games such as tug of war, gladiator battles and football. Such games are highly interactive with inflatable accessories to enhance the experience. Bouncy castles offer a safe and enjoyable alternative to other forms of outdoor play equipment.


Different Types of Castles

When you seek to rent a bouncy castle, there are two broad categories that you can choose from.

  • Residential types are usually smaller in size and are made of relatively light materials. They are easily transported and a mechanical pump ca be used for inflation with the appropriate attachment.
  • Commercial types of bouncy castles are provided by various rental companies. They are durable and heavy, which contributes to their impressive longevity. Different materials are used in their production and industrial equipment is usually required to inflate them. The quality of build and structure varies but a key factor is longevity.
  • Both residential and commercial bouncy castles offer different levels of durability and the buyer’s budget will influence accessibility. Find a bouncy castle here.


Tips for Setting Up

  • In order for a bouncy castle to be set up, it should be flatly laid out on the ground with an attached mechanical pump.
  • When the pump is turned, the inflation process begins. Air is gradually released through the fabric and into the inflatable’s seams. This process balances the inflation as a steady stream of air enters the unit. Air is released naturally during deflation to prevent the inner tubing form being damaged.
  • Extra power is necessary for advanced mechanical pumps with variations in volts and amps. This depends on the grade, style, quality and size of the bouncy castle that is being used. Make sure you have a suitable pump and attachment when you set up a bouncy castle.
  • Specified weight limits are set for different bouncy castles and these must always be adhered to. This also constitutes the approximate number of children allowed at any given time. Overloading or exceeding the limit can disrupt the setup, damage inner tubing and air will be released unintentionally. Using the castle when the pump is attached can setback the process whole severely damaging the unit.



Similar to other forms of party equipment, various brands are available. Each brand offers distinct variations in regards to build quality and design. Stitching styles vary with different brands, including double stitching and extras such as PVC reinforcement, engineered fabrics and seam webbing.

There are options to cater for all budgets and customers can rest assured that there is a bouncy castle to meet their needs. Bouncy castles continue to be a popular choice for events with fun designs and endless entertainment for the whole family.    



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