Creating Your Craft – 6 Tips For Bringing Your Designs to Life



We all have sketch-pads full of creative thoughts and projects going on in the background, but aren’t always sure on how to make them a reality. This can be easier said than done, but the new year is a better time than any, so here are some useful tips to help bring your designs and ideas to life!


Work with a manufacturer

It’s time to consider working with a manufacturing partner to turn your ideas into a reality. Production partners can help by giving you access to materials and techniques that you might not have access to in your studio, while still giving you creative control over the final product.

Working with a manufacturer shouldn’t mean you have to compromise your creativity as you build your business. With the right production partnership, you can even open up new opportunities for you to focus on your artistic vision.



It’s always a good idea to get acquainted with a new materials or process beforehand. A little background research and knowledge can go a long way in helping you understand how to get to a finished product, communicate ideas with a manufacturer, and move forward successfully. Whether it’s something very specific, like laser cutting in Melbourne, or something broad like wood stencils, you will benefit from researching and it is as simple as a Google search to start your journey into a new area of knowledge.


Further your works by expanding your circle

An easy way to further your creative future and help bring your ideas to life is through collaboration with with other creative designers like yourself and manufacturers. While some designers rely on just a manufacturer to help turn their ideas into finished items, others simply get some production assistance from other designers or professionals in the fields to help finalise a specialised area of their creation process.


Be extremely precise

If you leave a part of your design up to interpretation, or don’t reference it, you are taking a risk. Your manufacturer or partner will either contact you to ask (which can be an unnecessary pain for them), or make an educated guess based on what they think would make the most sense.

They probably have a good sense of what will work and what doesn’t, but why leave it to chance? Specify every last detail you think is important, or be prepared to be surprised when you get the first prototype. You will save time and worry by communicating your vision as meticulously as possible.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Everyone, at some point, has been a beginner in something, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem dumb. It’s hard to know what is important and what isn’t if you don’t ask a lot of questions and sometimes when you ask lots of questions you might find out things you didn’t even set out to know. It is a great way to really open your mind and ideas and your manufacturer and partners will respect you even more for trying to make their lives a bit easier.  


Be real with yourself and be humble

Don’t oversell it. You can share your excitement about the product but

don’t imply sales expectations that are too high to reach otherwise you can lose credibility. Be honest about what you expect and be humble with your expectations. It is better to have a small order that ends up exceeding. You want to have credibility, so go slow. There is no point to sell yourself as a superstar, work and become one will give you credibility and respect.

Bringing your own designs and ideas to life takes hard work and dedication but with these tips It can also be enjoyable and help broaden your knowledge of many different areas and create friendships through partnerships.





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