The Science of Music: How it Impacts Youth Sports

Millions of kids every day will head out to the playing field and participate in a team sport. In fact, after-school sports are one of the largest growing sectors in the world today. Baseball, soccer and football are all incredibly popular. Coaches are always trying to encourage the kids to perform their best, but words don’t always do the trick. Many parents and coaches are turning to music as a way to motivate the players. Take a close look at the science of music, and how it can make a difference in your athlete’s life.


Encouraging Team or School Loyalty

Youth sports depend on loyalty among the participants because it builds pride in the practice and team itself. Music enhances loyalty, especially if the tunes are school-pride related. Ideally, school-pride music should be part of most practices and games. The team might stand proud during the alma mater while singing along. When there’s loyalty to the team or school, kids take the sport very seriously. It’s still a fun experience, but it has greater meaning for everyone involved. Use music to make an impact on the sport’s meaning, which only translates to more wins in the future.


Whipping Up Excitement

Music and sports go together because they whip up excitement in both the players, coaches and attendees. Recorded music might call for the offense to beat the defense as everyone cheers. Music is a powerful tool when it comes to making people determined to win. Songs change moods, which can help an underdog fight until they win. Sporting events that go into overtime may seem long to some fans, but music played at random times during the excitement drives the game forward. It may not seem like a long game after enjoying the music that excites all of the fans.

The Marching Band Factor

If your child plays football during the autumn, there might be a marching band involved. Live music is entirely different than any recorded tracks available at an official game. It simply has more depth. The band responds to the game with songs that match the overall experience, from fighting back from a loss to cheering on the winning team. These bands are normally decked out in full uniform, which creates a formal atmosphere for the youth, sports players. They understand that this game is an important one so they perform to the best of their abilities.

Sparking Relaxation During Practice

In stark contrast to exciting everyone with music, certain songs can also spark a relaxed feeling in players. During a grueling practice, many players may be tired or sore. Songs played over a loudspeaker might relax these players as they take a jog around the track. As they gather their thoughts, they fixate on the upbeat yet calming music. They can arrive back at their position with a refreshed mind that’s ready to focus on the game.

Empowering the Individual

Everyone has a different perspective of music so it makes sense that it affects people in various ways. Pick a variety of songs to play for a youth, sports team. Each individual might feel empowered by specific songs, which causes them to work harder than ever. Continue to play requested songs too. Everyone should hear their favorite songs to boost their confidence as they practice with greater intensity than before.

Regardless of the musical genre, any songs played around the kids should be appropriate in nature. There are plenty of censored songs that can work for most age groups. By choosing the right music, you can make a huge difference in a child’s focus and success in youth sports.

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