Helping a Family Member Who is Struggling


Life is riddled with an enormous amount of situations which could affect anyone. When family is affected with some of these issues, you may be able to step up and make a difference in their lives by helping them out. The following situations are common in a lot of households and can be used as examples on how to handle certain situations.

Helping a Parent with Substance Abuse

Substance abuse in the family can really cause issues as there is an increase in the number of children who use substance abuse to cope with a parent who abuses a substance. It does not have to be hard drugs either. A parent with a legal addiction to alcohol, for example, can become scary and dangerous for their family to experience. Dealing with substance abuse in the family takes as much support as possible.

Confronting the issue may change the mood of the substance abuser just by mentioning the problem. Contact with your loved one should be in a non-threatening and non-judgmental tone when they are trying to quit if possible. Remain sympathetic and provide positive feedback about their traits when they are sober to help them acknowledge the benefits of remaining sober. Help them find the answers to questions about possible paths to recovery, such as, “Does medicaid cover rehab?” Or questions regarding specific treatment options or how long programs last.


Combating Financial Struggles in Your Family

Money is one of the things that will always have a hold over someone in the family. Even in extended family, someone may have come into a situation where they owe money and are now strained to provide while being unable to take care of debts. Helping someone out with financial problems can be an issue, especially if you may or may not be able to offer money as an option to alleviate the issue.

The main thing to do when helping someone out with financial problems is to establish a connection with them to let them know you want to help them help themselves. Never loan out money that you cannot afford to lose to anyone, especially family. Offer to help them find credit counseling help which could allow them to get back on track with making payments. Help them to become accountable for their choices by being sympathetic and asking why they chose to do one thing over another when it comes to money.


Talking About Relationships, Young Love Issues

Love is a touchy subject and kids may not have all of the coping skills to deal with complex relationships that they may create for themselves. Teenager issues such as relationships may deal with a wide range of topics, so just remember to be supportive and hold off on criticism and judgment till you’ve got the whole story. Some examples are safe sex and providing options such as condoms and advice on sensitive topics. Learning more about the sexual orientation of your teen may provide insight on the type of relationships they may be making at school and during their non-curricular activities.

Love in teenager issues may also deal with hardships such as breakups, which will often lead a teen into depression and may extend into affecting their ability to function in ways that allow them to lead their lives in a positive manner. Letting them know that you have been through similar issues and want to help them get through it by being sympathetic and providing distractions and other types of support for them during this delicate time. Letting them know that there are more people in the world that are willing to make them happy can help them to get over their ex.





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