How to Dress to Improve Self-Esteem



True self-confidence and strong self-esteem come from within. With that said, it’s not as though external factors don’t influence the way in which we view ourselves. The clothes we wear, for instance, can play a big role in whether or not we walk around with heads held high or shuffle down the street with our faces pointed towards the sidewalk. While we ought to never let ourselves become slaves to fashion and the pursuit of dressing to impress, it’s important for people to dress in a way which helps to boost self-esteem.

Those unsure of how to dress to improve self-esteem without becoming vain can pull it off by focusing on the following:



Clothes which are too tight, too loose, or otherwise ill-fitting and uncomfortable will have an effect on self-esteem. This is because, whether we realize it or not, being physically uncomfortable impacts our ability to feel confident at any given moment.

When it comes to comfort, even underwear needs to be taken into account despite being concealed by an outfit. The benefits of a wireless bra, for example, are such that many women wonder how they ever managed to get through the day with the harnesses of old. The fabric used also plays a role, as more breathable material keeps the surface of the body from overheating and generating sweat.

No matter how sexy a pair of shoes may look or how seductive a dress may appear, a wearer is unlikely to be feeling their best if they are in a state of discomfort. With every step or turn of the body, mild pain is transmitted to the brain and stress levels increase. While the ability to maintain self-esteem under stress is not impossible, it’s not easy. Better to stick to clothes which feel good to wear.



A common misconception about clothing is that what looks good on one person will look good on everyone after accounting for size. The truth is there is more to ensuring clothes complement a person’s appearance than their fit alone. Taking this into account increases the odds a person is wearing something which they feel makes them look fantastic, which boosts self-esteem.

People, just like clothes, consist of varying pigmentation ranging from skin tone to eye and hair color. Considering the fact that color coordination is a basic component of “good” fashion versus “bad”, folks have to think about the way their natural colors and tones work with those of a given piece of clothing.

If a seemingly great outfit isn’t looking all that great when worn, it might be due to a clash with your natural look – pale skin and bronze fabric for example – in which case trying to find clothes which best match your look is key to dressing for improved self-esteem. In the case of someone with a very light complexion, trading in the bronze dress for a baby blue alternative would work, especially if the person has blue eyes.



Lastly, self-esteem derived from clothing hinges on its compatibility with our daily lives. Simply put, being underdressed or overdressed for a job or social event will leave us feeling out of place and subsequently put our self-esteem at risk.

In some cases, clothing compatibility is all about the utility of a given garment. Proper attire for a construction job site, for example, may not be the height of fashion but it leads to workers feeling more confident while doing their tasks.

In other situations, the compatibility of clothing is a matter of how it blends in with the general dress code of a social setting. Feeling out of place due to the clothes we have on can keep us from being as outgoing as we otherwise would. With that said, the goal is not to “one-up” others with a superior outfit but simply getting a grip on which clothes work for which kinds of gatherings.

Who doesn’t want to feel better about themselves? Many people turn to fashion to achieve this goal, but using clothes to boost self-esteem is not a simple matter of buying trendy garments. Clothes should feel good, look good, and fit the occasion. An improved self-esteem is sure to follow.





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