How to Have a House Built



If you’re in a position where it’s financially feasible to have a house built from the ground up, making sure it’s done the right way is probably high on your list of priorities. Whether it’s meant to be the home you grow old in or the eventual source of retirement income when relocating closer to the equator, there’s only one chance to build it properly.

So what is the process of successfully having a house built brand new? Read on to find out.


Phase 1: Buy some land

Land far from a major population tends to go cheaper, but the costs of construction tend to go up too. For most people, finding land located in a “Goldilocks” zone of good value and reasonable proximity to civilization is key. In today’s world of suburban sprawl, these areas tend to be anywhere between 50 and 150 miles from the nearest major city.


Phase 2: Hire an architect and construction firm

Deciding who to hire to plan and build the property is going to be something you don’t want to do in a matter of hours. Comparing and contrasting the competing options is a process which should take several days, with enough research that you know which construction management schools the supervisors and other higher-ups have attended. The final decision should come down to a combination of cost, time, and reputation.


Phase 3: Get familiar with local laws and ordinances

Whether building a house in an existing neighborhood or somewhere slightly more remote, the construction will need to adhere to building codes. Knowledge of these constraints prior to finalizing the building plan is a wise choice. You may discover that while your plans for outdoor kitchen cabinets are safe, their proximity to the pool needs to be adjusted by a few feet due to local building codes.


Phase 4: Choose a house plan

Now we move onto the really fun part. Either with the assistance of a hired architect, through the use of preexisting house plans, or some combination of the two, those in a position to build their own home will want to get as close as possible to constructing the house of their dreams. Take your time, but be willing to compromise on certain elements assuming cost is a factor at some point.


Phase 5: Go over finishing touches

This is the phase where planning ahead is crucial. Before getting too attached to an envisioned approach to interior design, make sure the vision lines up with the geometry of the various rooms. Consider the distances between two points of the house, and how this would play out in daily life. No detail is too small when building a structure which, if properly maintained, will stand for 100 years or longer.


Phase 6: Finalize costs and anticipate extra expenses

It seems impossible at first, but a bottom-line price for having a home built from the ground up does exist. Getting to the point where that figure is finalized prior to the start of construction is based mostly on what kind of contract is arranged between the owner and the building contractor. Anticipate five to fifteen percent more than what the math revealed before ground was broken. It may be less, it might, unfortunately, be more, but assuming it will happen is better than being surprised by cost overruns.

To have a home built brand new is, for many of those able to do so, a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s your chance to commission the construction of a building which will become part of the land around it, and possibly a landmark in time. Don’t let it come and go without giving it your all.



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