Three Safety Measures You Can Take to Secure Your Home



Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes. And while the IRS can be brutally efficient, death is a far colder and subtler tax collector, especially when he comes for the lives of your loved ones, thus the need for good home security. A secure home means a safe place for a family to live.

Having faith in the competency of local policemen is all well and good, but they can’t always arrive in time to prevent a crime. This is where home security comes in.

To be effective, a security measure must either stop a crime from happening without any harm done to the members of the household or delay the crime long enough for the police to arrive. So what security measures can one take to make a home safe?


Get a Guard Dog

Most crooks will think twice about going into a house with a canine, especially one that looks like it could maul them to death. Dogs, especially the big ones, are not only effective at scaring away thieves, but they can also be great companions in the house. When trained well, dogs can double as babysitters and playmates for the children.

While smaller breeds can still bark at a thief and may even fiercely attack them, they can easily be incapacitated or—worse—seriously injured by a determined criminal. So when getting a dog for home security, go big.


Get a Gun

Sometimes, offense is the best defense. Guns can be the only effective weapons against home invaders, especially those who are armed. They can also be a good deterrent as well (i.e., potential thieves scouting a neighborhood will avoid targeting a house they know has a gun inside).

Gun stores can give recommendations as to what guns and ammo are best suited for home and self-defense. Some gun shops online recommend 9 mm ammo, among others.


Get a Burglar Alarm

Professionally monitored alarm systems may be costly, but if it’s for the sake of keeping your family safe, then it’s worth every penny. These systems work by having sensors and/or surveillance cameras monitoring all entry points into the house, including easy-to-reach windows.

Should there be a breach, a loud alarm will go off, and the company who monitors the system will be alerted. They can then call the police and direct them to the house being burgled.

Normally, burglars bolt at the second they are detected. Smarter thieves check for any alarm systems and back off without attempting any intrusion. Either way, most criminals don’t stand a chance against professionally monitored alarm systems, and the ones who do have the know-how and equipment to bypass a complicated alarm system usually target high-end houses with lots of valuables to plunder.

With the recent rise of violent crimes, keeping your home safe has become even more important than before. Consider getting all three of the mentioned safety measures to completely guarantee the safety of your family. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.





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