Here’s How You Can Make Healthy Living Easier for Children


Fighting against your own cravings, guilty pleasures, and unhealthy habits can be challenging as you strive to lead a healthier life. This is multiplied if you’re trying to get an entire family to change their ways. If you have children who are picky eaters or simply stuck in their own ways, making the switch can be hard. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make healthy living easier and fun for all involved. Here are a few suggestions.


Get the Kids Involved with Meal Prep

One great idea for getting everyone involved in healthier eating is to cook together as a family. When preparing meals, let the children, especially come in and play a role. Allowing them to see how you make dishes from scratch and monitor the contents of health, will encourage them to do the same whether they’re at home or away. Start with recipes children love but with a healthy twist. For example, instead of making regular pizza find whole wheat pizza dough and vegetable toppings. The process of making pizza is still fun, but what they’re eating is essentially better for them.


Find Alternative Snacks

If there’s one time of day that children love, it’s snack time. Munching on common staples like chips, cookies, and cake are fine on occasion but shouldn’t be consumed regularly. Instead of going to the extreme and giving the kids carrot or celery sticks in exchange for potato chips, try to find a better tasting, comparable alternatives. For instance, a product like Bob’s Red Mill muesli, which is a mixture of raw oats, dried fruit, and nuts, would be a nice snack for the kids to enjoy. Drizzling a little dark chocolate over the granola-like mixture can make it a sweet snack while pairing it with almond milk makes a great breakfast cereal which provides the kids with options they might enjoy more than raw veggies.


Think Outside of the Box with Exercise

The idea of running, doing jumping jacks, sit-ups, or crunches is crucial enough for an adult who doesn’t like or hasn’t been in the gym for a while. So, imagine what your kids are thinking? Instead of trying to encourage them to do yoga, go for a jog, or hit the treadmill, you need to think outside of the box. Just about any activity that gets your heart-rate up constitutes a form of exercise. Switch things up a bit. Perhaps, you play interactive video games like sports or dance games that require you to move your entire body, or you might take the kids for a game of baseball, skating, or to play tag at the park. The less it looks like demanding work, the more inclined your children are to participate.


Give Out Rewards

Recognition for their efforts to live healthier goes a long way in instilling the proper values in your children. If you notice that your children are eating better and staying active, reward them for their progress. Whether you take them out for frozen yogurt (a lot healthier than ice cream) or you allow them to earn points towards something they want to purchase like a new game or gadget, this can be a huge motivator.

Though there will be some good days and some bad ones as you and your family adjust to healthier living, finding ways to make it fun and easy for your children is only half the battle. By following this advice and of course, leading by example, you can encourage your kids to care about their health, without it feeling forced. These lessons will then stick with them longer, helping them to be adults who put their health first.




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