Getting Paternal – 7 Ways to Prepare For First-Time Fatherhood


Parenthood. It’s a game changer. Everyday life changes in ways you don’t really expect. The truth is you cannot prepare for what is about to happen, but here are some ideas to make the transition a little smoother and to take the surprise out of some of the changes. And just remember that, in the end, it is all a beautiful experience. Even the tough times and stresses are strangely enjoyable in their own way because of what it’s for – your child.


Getting Around

Having a good pram will make your whole life easier. It’s an item you will use every day for a few years at least, so invest in a quality one. If it’s twins you’re expecting, or your dog likes to be pushed around, there are some great double prams available.

Look for a pram that will be comfortable for your baby, you want them to be able to sleep well in it. Check the steering is smooth and easy to use, this also helps with safety to avoid other people, and obstacles. Also look for an adjustable handle so that other people can push it comfortably, regardless of height.

Get a pram that isn’t too heavy, as there are still a lot of train stations and other areas where you will need to carry the pram down stairs.


Baby Carrier or Sling

Australians can learn a lot from Kangaroos, one of those lessons is the benefits of carrying your baby around with you in a baby carrier or sling. Also referred to as baby wearing, carrying your baby close to your body is a great way to bond with your baby and keep that close contact with them.

It can also help babies with reflux as they are kept upright and their stomachs left to settle. It’s also a great way to get things done while keeping your baby close at hand, and more convenient than a pram. Instead of having to check on them while they sleep, you can just take a peek down.


Take Time Off

Fathers get a few weeks parental leave these days, which is a great benefit to make the most of. If your family can get by on a single income, then allowing a parent to stay home and look after your new baby for at least the first year, or even the first 3 years, will make life easier. Either way, you will be taking time off.

Once they are out of the baby phase, toddlers have a tendency to get sick and need days at home. So, if they are at daycare, one parent needs to be prepared to take the time off to look after them. Having flexible working arrangements for those first few years are a must. Or, if you have family close by that are willing to help, make the most of them!


Enjoy Alone Time With Your Partner

Before the baby arrives, be sure to go on as many dates with your partner as possible. Go to dinner, movies and social gatherings. Not that it all has to stop as soon as baby arrives, but the opportunities to do these things will decrease significantly. So enjoy your freedom.


Ask For Practical Gifts

Asking people to buy you specific gifts for your newborn can seem a bit rude, and it kind of is. But ending up with a small army of plush toys and noise electronic games for your baby will clutter your house and rarely get used.

If the conversation arises, ask for things like clothes, nappies and wraps. That’s about all you’ll need for a while, but you’ll need lots of all of them.


Get Some Mats

Put down some soft mats or gym mats in an area of your living room for your baby to play around in and have tummy time. It’ll be much more comfortable for both of you and will guard against your baby banging their head on the ground.

You can then put a playmat on top and not worry about your baby rolling off. There are heaps of mats to choose from so you can try and get something that will go with your overall décor.


Ignore the Urge to Upsize

A lot of expecting couples find themselves looking to buy a bigger home and car and get ready for a family as if a rugby team is about to arrive. A baby starts off small, so there’s no need to upsize. Save your money for that later down the track. Keep things simple for now. All your baby needs is your time and care. So, save your money to ensure you can give them as much time as possible.

Becoming a father is a wonderful gift. Don’t stress, there will be plenty of opportunities for that once the baby arrives. Enjoy your sleep while you have the chance to, and best of luck!



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