Accidents Bring Stress: Don’t Allow the Burden to Fall on Family Members When an Accident Happens


A severe car crash usually triggers a tidal wave of stress. Emergency medical care alone might be more than $75,000 in a serious injury case, and the family has other bills to pay as well. Since the victim is not working during this time, there is no money coming in to satisfy these obligations. The insurance company knows this, and the adjuster calls constantly trying to settle the case. It may seem like a good idea to take the offer and “get it over with,” but most people are simply not sure.

A few clicks on a site like addresses all these issues and more. Read on to find out how.


Arranging for Medical Care

Even if the family has health insurance, these carriers usually deny coverage in motor vehicle collision cases, for liability reasons. So, the financial pressure is significant. To rectify this problem, attorneys send letters of protection to medical providers. These letter guarantee payment when the case is resolved, so victims pay nothing upfront, in most cases. Moreover, the letter allows attorney to negotiate for lower fees, so victims keep more of the settlement money.

Even better, attorneys can direct victims to car injury specialists. Many injury-related conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat. For example, soft tissue injuries like whiplash often do not show up on routine diagnostic tests, and the doctors that administer these tests may not know how to properly treat whiplash anyway. So, in addition to getting a no-upfront-cost doctor, a victim also gets the right doctor.


Dealing with the Insurance Company

“Talk to my lawyer” is one of the most liberating phrases that accident victims can utter. The next time the adjuster calls with the deal of the century, let an experienced attorney handle the call. A lawyer knows most of the insurance company tricks, can assess your case’s true settlement value so you do not give your claim away for less than it’s worth, and will not be bullied by insurance company adjusters or lawyers.

There are other matters to deal with as well. Most insurance companies destroy physical evidence, like the Event Data Recorder, within a few days of the car accident. So, an attorney will send a spoliation letter to the company to prevent the loss of critical evidence.


The Benefits You Get

The bottom line is that an experienced attorney gives a victim peace of mind during this time. Instead of dealing with extra bills and pushy insurance companies, victims can simply focus on getting better. While it may take some time for the case to settle, since most car crash cases are factually and legally complicated, an attorney is the best way to guarantee fair compensation for your injuries. Usually, this compensation includes money for economic damages, like medical bills, and noneconomic damages, like pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a car crash, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney today, because you have a limited amount of time to act.




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