Concern for health must be topmost in your mind before deciding on using steroids


Over the past many decades, several sportsmen have faced humiliation and banishment from competitive sports for using anabolic steroids to enhance performance. Lance Armstrong, the cyclist who won seven titles of Tour De France between 1999 and 2005, is perhaps one of the most well-known sportsmen who faced a life ban for using performance-enhancing drugs. Sports administrators across the world are coming down heavily on all sportsmen cutting across disciplines who use steroids because it gives them an unfair advantage over others.

Steroids have disrupted the sporting scene and become a curse for many sportsmen who wanted to achieve too much too soon.  The fundamental spirit of fair competition is under threat from steroid users, which is one of the reasons for a penalty. Sportsmen who want to cheat should face the strictest punishment, and there are scores of fallen guys, who have brought disrepute to the sport they represented. In this article, we will explore the reasons why many countries have declared steroids illegal.


Be guided by the prohibited list

When you come across steroid websites that accept credit cards, you might presume that it serves legal steroid supplements only, but you never know. To be safe than sorry, you must evaluate on your own that the steroids are legal and safe.  Compare the ingredients used in the product with the list of banned substances to be sure that it does not appear in the list. Not appearing on the list means that the ingredients are safe for use hence legal.  The prohibited list published by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is the only reference available for guidance in choosing legal and safe steroids. The prohibition applies to all kinds of sporting events, competitive as well as non- competitive.



Is wrongful performance enhancement the only reason for the ban?

Since the ban covers both competitive and non-competitive sports, it would be wrong to think that the ban is for maintaining the spirit of fair competition only. Had steroids not been harmful to health, it would be all fair and fine for everyone to use it, thereby maintaining the same level of competition.  Instead, the concerns about the harmful effects of steroids on health are the most concerning reasons for banning it.

If you ever think about using steroids, you should ensure that it contains natural ingredients and not synthetic ones as these do not appear among the prohibited substances. After ascertaining the legality, you should also consider the health implications of using the product.


Choose between health and performance

Prolonged use of steroids can affect the health adversely and can even result in infertility among men besides increasing the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, liver cancer and other liver diseases. Whether you want instant fame at the expense of your health is a call that you have to take when using steroids on your own without the support of any medical prescriptions.

Natural ingredients that mimic steroids are safe for use because it does not have the harmful side effects of synthetic steroids.

About the author: Gregory Castlewood is a veteran athlete who is now into sports administration.  Creating awareness about steroid websites that accept credit cards is the purpose of his writings. Very fond of adventure sports, Gregory takes part in various events even today, though just for pleasure.



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