Weight Loss Tips for Morbidly Obese to Gain Fitness


Are you finding it really difficult to properly take a bath as you are not able to hold up your large body even for a few minutes of the shower? Or is it simply an impossible feat for you to walk around the block? If you belong to this category of people, the doctor would be calling you ‘morbidly obese’. Those individuals who are fighting to lose around 100 pounds or even more actually have an incredibly challenging task ahead of them.


What’s The Real Difference?

When you seem to be really large as compared to the others, the sane exercise rules and weight loss strategies simply cannot work. Your obesity issues need to be addressed as per your unique requirements. There would be too many frustrations and impediments on the way if you are extremely overweight right from exercise equipment to the bathroom scales that are not designed to measure your weight. Moreover, weight loss experts believe that the smaller details of dieting including intake of calories would be different for people who have to lose a tremendous amount of weight. You need to realize that there should be a whole new or absolutely different mindset toward weight loss on a large-scale basis. You need to follow a totally different approach to both exercise and diet.


Key Strategies to Adopt

You must be puzzled. You must be wondering where exactly to begin or how to stay motivated. Here are some effective strategies formulated by weight loss experts and fitness gurus to set you toward the right path to fitness.


Look for Expert Supervision

If you are drastically overweight, you need to be constantly monitored. Moreover, once you start the weight loss program, medical supervision also becomes a must. Seek expert advice from a qualified dietician and nutritionist. Medical care is essential because when you are morbidly obese, you would be experiencing certain health issues including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even insulin resistance. Sometimes, proper diagnosis and treatment of these clinical issues could help you dramatically in losing weight. For instance, once you learn to manage effectively your insulin levels, you would be able to successfully control your hunger. That would be making weight loss really easier.


Do Not Reduce Calorie Intake Drastically

The doctor may have pointed out that cutting 1200 calories per day is just right for people wanting to lose around 20 pounds to almost 30 pounds. But your case is different as you are hoping to lose 100 pounds or even more. You would be actually requiring much more calories only to survive.

If you weigh more, your calorie requirements are bound to be more. You could eat more as compared to an individual who weighs less than you, yet you could be losing the same amount of weight. If you are morbidly obese, simply by reducing only 500 calories from your daily diet, you could achieve one-pound weight loss practically every week. Visit steroids for sale’s website for more information.


Incorporate Physical Activity in Your Life

For morbidly obese people, joining a gym is certainly not an option in the initial stages. You would even find the concept of an evening walk absurd given your body size and movement capability. So it is best to start by getting habituated to making small moves like picking up an object from the floor or walking up to your television for changing the channel. Stay motivated and committed to performing small moves for burning calories. You would soon inculcate these small moves spontaneously in your way of life and your mindset would also undergo a dramatic change.


Discover Strength Training

Weight loss experts and fitness gurus believe that the most crucial exercise for morbidly obese folks would be weight training. It would be effectively building muscles that could help torch more calories. Moreover, the nicest thing is that many weight training workouts could be performed sitting down. This makes them just the right kind of exercise for people who need to shed a lot.



If you incorporate these strategies in your way of everyday existence, there is still hope for you. You could start shedding weight slowly but systematically and eventually, you could lead a fitter and healthier life. You may also consider weight loss medication if your doctor suggests them. However, do not be misled into considering that weight loss medication is a magic potion that would help you lose weight overnight. Remember these medications could be resulting in small but consistent weight loss provided you enjoy a healthy diet and stay motivated to perform some sort of a physical activity. Last but not the least; you should not forget that there is still hope.



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