From Dreary To Designer – How To Add A Dash Of Colour Into Your Winter Wardrobe


Winter is often an excuse to dust off our most boring and heavy items to see us through the chillier months. With the shorter days and colder climes, it can be tempting to wrap yourself in a duvet and call it a day – but where’s the fun in that?

The following wardrobe work-throughs are aimed at giving you a dose of fashion ‘vitamin D’ – a hit of sunshine and colour which will help you see the fun and potential in your winter wardrobe.


A Shoe-In

Starting from the ground is as good a place as any to begin your winter wardrobe renaissance. A well-chosen, timeless pair of womens boots or shoes can take your outfit from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ in an instant.

To add some much needed colour without crossing over to clown school, start by swapping out your black shoes for brighter cognac or oxblood. These brown and red-hued colours will pair beautifully with an array of warmer shades, while boosting the appeal of any outfit.

For more dressy or formal occasions, it may be time to acquaint yourself with the lure of a metallic court shoe or pump. Silver, bronze and gold mary-janes are endlessly chic, and can elevate a simple formal ensemble into a linky evening look.


Flash Fabric

Heavy fabrics and textures seem to appear naturally in the winter, with dour down coats and vests adding unnecessary bulk without adding any fashion credentials.

Choose natural fabrics, in well-made, timeless cuts to get the most from your winter clothes year on year. A hand knitted jumper or cardigan in a rule-breaking yellow, mustard, rust or burgundy will pair with a dark skirt, trousers, or jeans easily. Adding pops of colour to your layers is another way to add more adventure into your outfits, without going overboard. Don’t forget the children too. With a range of kids designer clothing available, there’s no reason for the whole family not to look stylish and swish whatever the weather. Check out the junior designer clothing for winter range for some ideas and inspiration.


Just Add Sun

Your summer wardrobe items don’t need to be put away once the temperature falls. By using clever layering techniques and adding undergarments, you can help your summery items perform double duty.

Summer dresses and skirts can be worn throughout autumn and winter with the addition of a coat and tights. Colourful sandals and pumps are also easily paired with tights, but can add a playfulness when combined with knee high of ankle socks.


It’s A Wrap

Scarves and wraps are another excellent way to colour yourself happy in winter. The secret to selecting the right colour scarf lies in your overall colour palette. If you’ve ever ‘had your colours done’ you might already know what this means, but for those who haven’t (or are too young to have encountered the concept), you can easily find a shade that suits you by ‘draping’.

Draping is simply the act of holding coloured fabric swatches up near your face in order to see what each colour does your complexion. Take notes of how each colour affects your face, your mood and your outfit. If you find a colour which is particularly striking or flattering, purchase a scarf in that shade.


Face First

As with draping and seasonal colour charts, knowing how your makeup and hair affects your overall look is important in understanding how to put together an outfit. Many companies choose to use richer and more muted colours for makeup in winter, which is often reflected in the looks conveyed by magazines and media.

Don’t be afraid to eschew seasonal makeup – pops of colour on your lips and eyes can instantly brighten an entire look, and can re-invigorate your complexion. Bright reds and purple toned berries are designed to up the glamour-stakes of any outfit.

With small tweaks and additions to your wardrobe, you may find a renewed appreciation of the colder months, with added colour, style and convenience yours in a few simple steps.



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