7 Biggest Mistakes in Link Building to Avoid in 2017


Approach any SEO consultant, and one of the most prominent strategies they are going to present to you is link building. Even Google has confirmed that two of the top ranking factors they consider are content and backlinks. When you think of link building to enhance your business websites SEO value, it is as essential as creating quality links, to avoid link building mistakes.

Many of the SEO practitioners, including both fresher and experience alike, tend to make a mistake while executing link building campaigns. Link building is an ideal off-page optimization strategy, and there are plenty of link building tactics to help create quality backlinks to your website. So, keep mind that to rank well on search engines, it is not just backlinks you need, but quality backlinks.

Also, do remember that some of the crucial mistakes you make while trying to build backlinks may even end up in negative rankings or penalization by Google. Let’s next discuss some of the adverse practices and mistakes you should avoid with backlinks.


Linking to irrelevant sites

You should know the reputation of the site which you are linking to. If you unknowingly get linked to a spam site or those that are already blacklisted for illegal practices, you also may get negatively affected by it. Avoid sites with duplicate content, auto-blogging sites,  and porn sites. Sometimes, competitive SEO companies may use these techniques to bring you an ill repute, so you should always be aware of your linking structure and eradicated any such possibilities.


No-follow Links

Nofollow links are another adverse linking practice to be avoided. It is a mere waste of time if you are optimizing for Google, but it is noted that this works to an extent still on Bing. So, instead of practicing this, it is ideal to spend some extra time to create some quality do-follow incoming links. There are many do-follow forums now, which you can target to make this task easier.


Buying in bulk

Previously, before the Penguin update of Google, businesses used to buy links in bulk to enhance their SEO value. However, doing so now is considered as an adverse SEO practice, which will end up in penalization. There are even chances that your site may be entirely banned from the search engines on doing this. As you can read at LasVegasWebDesignCo.com, search engines and users now like to get generic and natural links. Google has made it clear that buying or selling links are considered to be spam and users should abstain from it.


Linking only from high-PR domains

It is, of course, a good idea to get quality backlinks from the high PR sites. However, just sticking to this practice may not yield the best results. It is ideal to keep an excellent mix of high and low-PR sites to produce the best results. If you are trying to build too much of high-PR links, it may be considered as an intentional effort, and therefore may not be regarded as authentic.

One key point to note here are the links with 0 and 1 PR are considered as low, 2 to 3 as somewhat acceptable, and those with 4 and above PR as just fine.


Backlinks from irrelevant sites

A typical example of quality backlink is a dofollow link from high-PR sites but your same niche (industry or business). Try to attract incoming links from the same niche instead of running behind finding a lot of irrelevant links from any random sites. Links from unrelated sites add little value to your SEO.


Anchor text of links without target keywords

Anchor text is something which plays a vital role in positive link building. If you can efficiently use your targeted keyword as best anchor texts for SEO value instead of putting it randomly as a site name, it will surely help enhance your ranking for that keyword. Don’t just use the conventional “click here” type of anchor texts, which don’t help anymore.

Even though getting a quality backlink from high-PR sites is beneficial, it is more sensitive and valuable if you get a good backlink with the relevant keyword in it. That helps to boost search engine rankings, so ensure that your SEO company takes a particular interest to create backlinks with proper anchor texts to provide the best value for money.


Tons of links overnight

You may think it is fine, but it will create only adverse impact if you try to build tons of links at a time. With this, your site may be viewed as a link farm by the search engines, which will be instantly rejected. So, never try to do rapid linking to all sites in a hurry. The proverb “slow and steady wins the race” is very much right in case of link building.

Overall, link building is a task which is not so easy and need consistent effort and care to accomplish well. However, once done correctly it is rel=”dofollow” found to be highly effective in getting top rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. More importantly, efficient link building also makes things easier for your users to find relevant and reliable interconnected information easily.

Author Bio: John Berk started his own freelance link building consulting service when Google Penguin update was released in 2012. Now, he is a well-known SEO strategist and used to write articles on websites like www.LasVegasWebDesignCo.com.


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