Creating New Memories: Tips for Organising a Family Reunion



Family reunions are the perfect way to get the extended family together and spend some quality time catching up and reminiscing. But how should you go about organising one?

If you have a large family spread all over the country—or the world—it can be a challenge. Here are some tips for putting your event together.


Choose a Date

The first thing you’ll need to do when planning a family reunion is to choose the right date for the reunion. That will mean a time when everyone is going to be able to attend.

Your best bet for getting a good turnout is to plan well in advance, meaning many months or even over a year. That way you can find out a date when everyone is free and book it in the diary.

It will also give you time to plan properly, and it will give you a better chance of booking a suitable venue before it gets booked out.


Decide on a Venue

Once you have a date, you need to find a suitable venue. Popular venues get booked out early, so the sooner you start planning, the better.

While you could use your own home as the venue, you might not have enough space, and it might put too much pressure on you as the host.

A good alternative would be a hotel, so find a hotel in a suitable location that everyone can reach fairly easily as well as one that can provide you with a private suite.

Somewhere like the Marriott SpringHill Suites Virginia Beach could be ideal if it’s in a convenient location for everyone. So get some input from family members, then book your venue early.


Make It a Group Effort

When planning your reunion, try to get as many people involved because it can be a lot of work planning it on your own. Get help with the expenses, and designate tasks to different people. For example, assign decorations for the creative members of the family and budgeting for the accountant.

Look at everyone’s skills and use them. And if anyone can get discounts based on where they work or who they know, this can help as well.


Keep Costs Low

If attending the reunion is expensive, it could put family members off attending. Don’t ask people to spend a fortune to attend, and be aware of everyone’s budgets because some people might have more than others. Be reasonable so everyone can come along, plan an event budget, and make sure everyone can afford it.


Plan Activities

You want it to be fun for everyone, so plan activities to do. If there are lots of young kids, arrange for some games. If lots of people play a sport like golf or tennis, consider incorporating this. Do you have a family of keen walkers? Plan to visit somewhere in the mountains to get in some hiking.

Do what you can to ensure everyone has a great time—then they will be more likely to come to the next one!


Plan Your Perfect Reunion

Planning a family reunion can involve a lot of work, but these tips will help you to make it a success. The most important thing is to start planning as early as possible and get the date and venue booked in. Then you can start filling in the details with plenty of time, so when the day arrives everyone is sure to have a great time.



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