Top Tips to Stave off the Blues this Winter



I am definitely not a winter person. The months are too long, too dark and too bleak for me to enjoy and, to be totally honest, I do struggle through this time of year. I tend to hang on by my fingertips, holding onto the promise of the spring and counting down to the first buds, rising temperatures and longer days.

If you are like me, there are a few things you can do to make dealing with winter that little bit easier. Here are some tips which might help make the most of this time of year just a little bit easier:


Get your wardrobe winter ready

There is no getting away from winter so we can at least get ready for it, right? Get your winter wardrobe ready to go with this season’s styles. Layer up, stay warm and keep dry, and look good while doing it! Don’t forget to accessorise too!


Pamper yourself

The longer darker days can play havoc with our mental state during the winter months so keeping your mind, body and soul happy is vital. You’ve got the new wardrobe covered so why not give yourself a makeover too? A new hairdo, a visit to a Whitby dentist for a little dental whitening and a winter colour palette for your make up can¬†leaving you feeling less drab and more fab!


Keep up the keep fit

“Keep Fit” is such an 80s thing to say, isn’t it?! But seriously, do make sure you keep up the exercise routine you’ve been working on over the summer months. If you haven’t begun it yet, start it now. The endorphins are a great natural way to give your brain and boost. It will also allow you to enjoy some of those delicious winter-warming comfort meals and hot puddings without as much of the stodgy guilt!


Hunker down at home

Keeping cosy indoors is one of my ways of dealing with winter. I rarely venture out of the front door, preferring a more bear-like hibernation. Lots of blankets and throws, a steaming mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and a good book and I’m happy whatever the weather outside chooses to do.


Get away from it

This just has to be my personal favourite! If you really, really can’t bear winter, book a flight and get away from it all! Head off to sunnier climes. In fact, my aim in life is to simply chase the sunshine all year long. Perfect!


What is your favourite season? Are you a winter or summer person and why? Find winter difficult? We’d love to hear your tips on getting through the cold, dark months so do leave a comment and share your tips with us!


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