Maintaining Health and Safety during Home Cleaning


Cleaning your home effectively and reaping the benefits involves knowing the right tools for every job. Homeowners can integrate various techniques into their cleaning routine. While making an effort to clean your home in order for it to sparkle and become more comfortable, you may be exposed to some risks.

Accidents in the home are among the main causes of injuries. There are a number of precautions that need to be taken to minimize the possibility of injury and reduce the amount of time required to clean your home thoroughly.



Cleaning and Safety

Injuries within the home typically involve people tripping or falling. You may trip over a loose item, unknowingly walk across a wet area or lose your balance. The result of such circumstances is bruises, bumps or sprains.

Other hazards that lurk in the home during cleaning include the materials that are being used. It is important to adopt the habit of looking at the ingredients of cleaning materials as well as the cautionary statements or instructions that are provided. There are a number of strategies that you can implement to maintain your safety at home while you clean.




  • An important safety step during home cleaning is to get rid of clutter. Before you start dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming and other cleaning tasks, move around your home and clear away any clutter that you come across.
  • Pick up items from the floors and stairs and make sure that nothing is out of place.
  • Encourage everyone to put all their belongings away after they use them. Family members should help with picking things and putting them away on the designated cleaning day. View king of maids here.


Cords and Wiring

Make sure that telephone and electric cords are secured by safely tucking them close to the walls or furniture. This will prevent the wiring from obstructing the path as you clean.



Support and Visibility

When you use the stairs, give yourself extra support by placing one hand on the railing. If you miss a step or lose your balance, you have the assurance that you can grab the rail ad prevent a dangerous fall. Avoid carrying heaps of things that block your vision. If you are unable to see over a pile of items, reduce the size and carry the things in stages.


Directions and Precautions

Read cautionary statements and directions on household cleaning products that you use. Follow all the instructions that are given. Do not attempt to mix different cleaners or create your own solutions with incompatible ingredients.

Follow safety precautions that accompany the cleaning products. If you are required to wear gloves or protective gear, make sure you wear them. In situations where the room should be well ventilated, ensure that there is enough air by opening all the windows and doors.



Cleaning Containers and Solutions

  • Keep cleaning containers closed to prevent spills or fumes from escaping. When you plan to use the cleaner in another area, keep the bottle should be securely closed until you need the product.
  • Do not leave cleaning solutions and filled buckets unattended, especially when there are young children and pets around. You may also forget about a bucket that you abandoned somewhere and end up tripping over it.
  • All cleaning supplies should be put away after cleaning is completed


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