A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Toys for Your 9-Month-Old



Bringing up a child is a joy to every parent and it is no wonder then that every parent is always on the lookout for ideas that can boost their child’s development. The importance of toys in a child’s life goes beyond fun; experts now agree that toys help in development of motor skills, emotional development, social development, cognitive development, and language skills development among other benefits.

While toys have for many years been accepted in child’s development, most parents don’t put a lot of thought into buying the right ones; after all, toys are toys, right? Well, if you think every toy in the store is appropriate for your kid, think again. While toys are supposed to provide enjoyment and education, many are the times when they have turned into great risks.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in a 1-year study discovered 22 toy-related deaths in the U.S. This number is going up as more toys come into the country, some of which have caused uproar over safety standards. If you are going to buy a toy for your kid, consider a similar report in 2013 which indicated there were 262,300 toy-related injuries. The last thing you want is for your 9-month old baby to get injured when using a toy you bought at a local store. It is for this reason that you need to be more careful, especially when looking for the best toy for your 9 month old baby


What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Toy

Your 9 month old is already yearning to get going and at this age, they are very curious. Anything that is within reach will arouse curiosity and this is where toys come in handy. Your baby will most likely be cruising or crawling on their way to fully walking on their own.

At this stage, kids want everything and if you don’t have something to keep them busy, you will have a hard time doing anything else. Problem solving toys are perfect for this stage and they should be a priority when looking for the best toys.

If you are going to hit the stores for a toy, it is advisable to first visit top rated baby consumers guide where you will not only find reviews of the best toys by other parents but by child experts too. Some of the considerations when comparing different products should include:

  1. Safety – Don’t ever compromise safety for anything else for any kid product. It only takes one second away from the kid for that good looking toy to be dismantled and if there are small parts, they will go directly to the mouth. Check the safety standards of the toy you wish to buy to guarantee the product has been approved for use by 9-month-old babies.
  2. Types of toys – You have a wide range of toys to choose from including open-ended, problem solving, toys supporting of discovery and exploration, language learning toys, problem-solving toys, and mobility toys among others. At this developmental stage, problem-solving toys and toys that help with movement are a great choice.
  3. Durability – Look for toys whose construction is solid and sturdy. Avoid going for easily breakable toys because they can cause injuries and most likely cannot be repaired.  
  4. Relevance to life – Avoid buying fancy toys which do not add value to your kid’s life. At this stage, your baby is learning about the world around them and you can aid this aspect of growth by buying a toy that will help them understand the world. Look for a toy that resembles life’s objects or one that imitates real activities in life.
  5. Sensory properties – The best toys should have sensory properties such as texture, sound, weight and color. Such toys will help them understand important aspects of life. For instance, they can easily tell what sound is made when they drop a particular toy.
  6. Versatile toys – These toys are open-ended and can be applied to different uses. Now that your 9-month-old baby is peaking in terms of creativity, go for toys which don’t limit their creative spirit. Open-ended toys will grow with your baby even beyond this stage and you will find them always going back to them and using these for different purposes.  
  7. Aesthetics –Kids at this stage are very keen and they are attracted to gaudy colors. When buying a toy, you must choose a bright attractive color if you are to sustain the interest of the kid. Now that you can’t buy a toy every other day, you should buy a toy that can captivate the attention of your child.
  8. Brand reputation – Take time to do a background check on the company behind the product. Some companies have made numerous recalls of their products while others have had their toys banned in some countries.


The Best Toys for Your 9-Month-Old

There are so many toy brands, sizes, types and designs in the market and you need to be very keen when buying any of these. Among the types of toys you will find include push, technology, blocks and stacking toys and sorting and shape toys. If you are in the market looking for the best toys in the market, consider these top rated toys for your 9-month-old baby:

  1. VTech 80-077001 –The VTech Sit-to-Stand walker is ideal at this stage as the child is learning to walk and needs some support. There are many songs to keep your child engaged while moving around and these help in muscle development.
  2. Lamaze LC27024 – Firefly Freddie is ideal when your baby needs something to keep them busy without the need to walk around. This toy is ideal even for the hard-to-please babies.
  3. VTech 80-073800 – Babies can start learning about shapes at an early age using this toy.

Other great toys for 9-month-old babies include VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, VTech Click and Count Remote, Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups and Baby Einstein Bendy Ball to mention a few. When buying any of these toys for your kid, remember to consider its relevance or practical benefits, safety and durability.




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