Pizza – A Popular Dish around the World


A disc of dough topped with virtually any type of food has captured the taste buds and appetite of the world. Pizza has been through a phenomenal journey since its first appearance as flatbread that was heaped with a range of toppings that included fruit. It has evolved into a staple delight in many parts of the world with the reputation for being filling, delicious and easy to make.




The popularity of pizza has led to it being one of the most consumed foods. This is attributed to its versatility as a delicacy that can be eaten with the hands or cutlery, at home, work and restaurants. It also gives people the chance to experiment with different pizza recipes. Options for toppings on a round piece of dough are limitless from pineapple and ham to eggs and caviar.



Variations and Convenience

Promoting the classically invented pizza in various regions has produced extensive variations across the continents of the world beyond its Neapolitan roots. The worldwide popularity of pizza is linked to the habit of eating fast food and seeking convenience in a tasty package.

Reasons such as being easy to prepare and eat continue to be highlighted as more people, regardless of their social or economic background, discover the wonders of this timeless dish from their favorite pizza chains or local pizzerias.



Something for Everyone

  • Pizza fits in well with many household budgets and consumers are bound to be hooked to them due to endless menu innovations.
  • New and alluring variations of pizza keep coming up such as stuffing pizza crusts with aroma-filled ingredients to maintain the growing appetite of loyal consumers.
  • Pizza is food that everyone can enjoy whether it is in the form of an expertly hand-crafted creation, tossed by a pizza enthusiast or reheated in the middle of the night.
  • Regional pizzas are categorized according to factors such as the thickness of the crust, type of dough used and the stove or oven that is used.
  • Fresh ingredients are often used to make exceptional pizzas.


International Appeal

There are numerous reasons why pizza is an international success among food enthusiasts. It may be different from its early beginnings but it has been able to retain its unique and nostalgic combination of bread, cheese and sauce.

  • Pizza is the perfect choice at any time of any day. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as midnight snack.
  • Pizza is delicious regardless of how cold or hot it may be. You can save a few slices from your large order and rest assured that it will still taste good the next day.
  • During a party you can rely on an order of freshly made pizza to bring everyone together. Italy is cited as the inventor of pizza and it has continued to be an undeniable sensation around the globe. No matter where you are, you can always spare some time for your favorite slice.
  • Pizza goes well with different condiments that can only be limited by the imagination.
  • Cheese is a standard part of most pizzas. It can be placed on the top, lodged between toppings or stuffed within the crust.





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