10 Places You Must Travel with Your Kids


Planning a trip with the kids? Think you must choose between fun for adults or child-friendly options? Think again! These ten destinations are sure to please the whole family.



If you’re looking for an English-speaking, affordable Caribbean paradise, look no further. Whether you want high adventure in the rain forest or to relax in an all-included beach resort, you can find it in this small country. Since it’s a former British colony, English is the official language.


New York City

It’s hard to beat New York City for iconic American culture. You could spend an entire week just exploring Central Park and Manhattan’s museums, skyscrapers, and restaurants. But trendy Brooklyn — home of great restaurants, hipsters, and Coney Island — is just a short subway ride away.


Orlando, Florida

Between Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando has your movie-loving kids’ dreams covered. And it’s not all princesses and fairy castles: visit the Star Wars attraction at Disney World or Harry Potter world at Universal Studios for adventures that the whole family will love.


Cancun, Mexico

All-inclusive beach holidays aren’t just for honeymooners and empty nesters. Cancun boasts several family-friendly resorts that specialize in keeping the whole family relaxed and entertained. Kids’ clubs (read: child care!), teen clubs, waterparks, and large suites are as easy to find as a cold margarita.



Family-friendly Australia is a no-brainer for traveling with kids. See the famous Sydney Opera House, take a tour of the Outback, snorkel in the Great Lagoon,  book a ski holiday at Perisherlook for crocodiles, and sun bathe on world-class beaches. Tasmania is a short flight away and boasts some of the world’s most unique wildlife.



Lucky Danes have it all: great food, beautiful scenery, fairy-tale castles, and the original LEGOLAND. In Copenhagen, you’ll find Tivioi, a 160+ year old historic amusement park that still brings joy to children today with fun rides and nightly fireworks. And don’t miss LEGOLAND: the iconic blocks originated in Denmark, and the park has a hotel, rides, and of course, millions of Legos on display.



Whether you’re basking in sunny Florence or joining the crowds at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy has beautiful scenery, legendary food, and more historical sites than you can count.



Reykjavik is famous for its strollers: any time of the year, parents will take their babies outside for a nap, leaving the stroller on a sidewalk while they duck into shops and coffee shops. (Don’t worry: Icelandic parents are closely monitoring their young nappers through windows and with baby monitors.) Beyond the family-friendly city, you’ll find a landscape that’s straight out of science fiction: waterfalls, lava fields, black sand, and blue lagoons.  



Every kid dreams of going on a safari…so why not take them to the place where safaris originated? See elephants, giraffes, lions, and more in their original habitat. Time your vacation for the great wildebeest migration (July-October) for a trip that no one will forget. Safari lodges are family-friendly destinations with enough beds for everyone, extensive buffet dining, and swimming pools.


New Zealand

What could be more family-friendly than Hobbiton? New Zealand has grown more popular in recent years thanks to The Lord of the Rings, but this island nation is also a haven for outdoorsy families. Enjoy mountains, beaches, beautiful hikes, and small, friendly cities. The only problem with New Zealand is that there’s so much to explore, you might never want to leave.





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