New Beginnings – 5 Tips For Making Your Home More Alluring to Buyers

There are four houses for sale on your street.

All similar size and price range.  You need to make the perfect prospective buyer walk into your home and within seconds be screaming “I WANT TO LIVE HERE!”. The task can be daunting for sure, and spending a fortune on a house you are about to leave isn’t the most appealing notion.  But don’t fret, as there is always help to be found.  Read on for the top five tips on making your home more alluring to buyers.


1)   Help is Available

So you work long hours, rush home to make dinner for your family, and crash out in front of the couch with your favourite show.  Restyling your house just doesn’t fit into the schedule.  Don’t worry, you are not alone, and there is help.  Many people preparing their home for sale will turn to a trusted company for home staging in Melbourne.

Good styling companies will turn any house into a classy and elegant home that appeals to a wide range of buyers. With a competitive buyers market, styling your home is an integral part of selling your home quickly for the price you are after.



2)   Lighting is Key

Mood lighting.

We have all heard the term, though it will have different connotations depending on the person. Good lighting is not reserved just for a romantic date with you know who. Good lighting is crucial for a cozy feel throughout a home as well. Are there empty corners begging for a feature light?  Or centre rooms screaming with wattage overload?

Take note of how switching the wattage could improve the ambiance of all areas of your home. Electric light is only one aspect of ambiance and lighting.  Placing candles in main areas of the house will add a cosy feeling and a subtle scent to make any prospective buyer want to live in hour house. Oh, and smart lighting is proven to lower electricity bills as well. Lower costs, a buyer’s dream!


3)   Plants!  

Move over dogs, plants are the new man’s best friend.

Strategically placed indoor plants will create an indoor-outdoor flow making buyers want to prepare a picnic in your kitchen and eat it in your front yard.  Plants have a lot more to offer than aesthetics.  New research shows some species of indoor plants have a positive effect your health by removing harmful pollutants in the air!


4)   Small is Beautiful Too

Stressed about the small rooms in your home?

You can boost the perceived size, and double the amount of natural light, using large feature mirrors.  Mirrors make rooms feel larger AND also subtly provide buyers the opportunity to literally see themselves in the home.  “Oooooh, I look good in here”, is what they will say when they catch a glimpse of themselves in your small yet cozy second bedroom.


5)  Beautify your Bathroom   

Did you know the average human spends up to 92 days in their lifetime in the bathroom!  There is no reason why each visit to the bathroom shouldn’t feel like a mini-vacation. Splurge on some plush, soft, neatly folded towels. De-clutter the shelves and cabinets, and make sure every part of the room is sparkling clean. For an extra holiday vibe,  add a scented candle to erase from anyone’s mind that you are even in a bathroom.   

Selling your home can be a nerve wracking time, but it doesn’t have to be.

Simply take time to assess all the styles out there, choose which one fits you best, and assess how it will fare to a wider buyers audience.  Whether you seek expert staging guidance from a company, or re-style room by room, take the time to create that “oh wow” moment for anyone who walks through your front door.  You never know who will insist on making that their front door after one look at your perfectly styled house!




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  1. And don’t forget the basics! Do a deep clean and resolve any maintenance issues you might have ignored until know. In any case a professional property stylist can definitely help you. And don’t believe that it will cost you an arm and a leg, a property staged home can sell with much much more than you invest in styling. I know this home which sold for $1M more than the agent’s original pre-styling sale valuation, which is amazing (if you’re curious about the details you can read this post:

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