Kids in the Waiting Room: Survival Tips for Parents During Doctor’s Office Visits


You can never be quite sure about how long your wait will be at the doctor’s office. An eleven o’clock appointment may well run into lunch time and kids can easily get bored and cranky. The best solution to this problem is to come prepared. Bring everything you might need from drinks and snacks to a blanket and lots of activities to do. Here are a few ideas to help you.


Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

Try this app to stop your kids from getting restless. It’s loaded with pictures of animals, people, places, birds, flowers, geometric, designs and mandalas, all of which can be brightly colored with just a touch of the finger. Choose from more than 25 stunning color palettes and add special effects when you’re done. It’s the perfect cure for boredom.


Puzzle Books

Kids love puzzles and a good puzzle book will keep them occupied for hours. There are so many different kinds available, such as, crosswords, mazes, find the word, number puzzles, connect the dots, logic problems, and spot the difference. Take a selection with you and don’t forget the pencils and erasers.


Magazine Games

Waiting rooms always have piles of magazines lying around. You can be creative and use these to play games with your child while you wait. For example, pick a magazine and ask your child to find picture of someone who looks happy, or something that is green, or a small animal. This is a good way to pass the time together.


Read Some Books

Always take a few of your kid’s favorite books with you. If your child is nervous about seeing the doctor there are a number of stories that can help put her at ease, such as The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor, Barney Goes To The Doctor, and Hola Doctor.


Make Learning Time

You can use time in the waiting room to help with your kid’s learning. Older kids can catch up with school work or home work. If you have a younger child, you can practice learning words, colors and shapes with flash cards.


Play Cards

Card games are universal pastimes that all kids love. There are many different card games for kids of all ages. As well as a traditional deck of cards you can choose from: Old Maid, Donkey, Go Fish, Crazy 8, Animal Rummy, War, and Slapjack.


Play Word Games

Have fun and test your child’s memory by playing I’m Going To The Market, where you each have to remember a growing list of items. Or play Fortunately/Unfortunately where you each take turns, for example: unfortunately there is a hungry crocodile in the room; fortunately he is only one inch long.

You time with your child in the doctor’s waiting room doesn’t have to be unpleasant. As long as you come prepared, you can keep her occupied and make the time pass quickly.

Anthony Murray cannot stand to hear the ‘Dad I’m Bored’ phrase – It drives him slightly insane! So, he’s always prepared with activities he knows the kids will enjoy no matter where they happen to be.





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