Why Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Is a Must


It is the duty and responsibility of every homeowner to ensure that his house including the surrounding property is in perfect shape all through the year. Though some petty household chores like lawn mowing or cleaning your deck could be done without any professional assistance, other activities should be performed by only experienced and expert professionals. Always remember that plumbing is certainly not an easy affair and you must seek immediate professional attention from any trained and experienced technician.

Any reliable plumbing service would be offering pipe repair and water leak detection and would be assisting you with repair and regular plumbing maintenance throughout the year. This would be effective in averting unanticipated plumbing emergencies. We would be discussing the importance of regular professional plumbing maintenance. Here are a few reasons why you must consider regular plumbing maintenance and prompt repairs.


Avoid Expensive Repairs

You could avoid costly repairs in future if you are resorting to regular plumbing maintenance by professionals. Instead of scheduling an expensive emergency service appointment, it is a better idea to save repairing costs by scheduling appointments for proper system inspection on a regular basis. Routine preventive maintenance obviously, is a much more budget-friendly way of fulfilling your plumbing’s maintenance requirements.


Stay Away from Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies could be terribly stressful for you and your loved ones. Clogged sewer lines, leaky faucets and any other emergency issues may leave you completely stranded without any functioning plumbing system till your local plumber comes to your rescue. If you have your plumbing system inspected and serviced routinely by plumbing experts, you could ensure that the system is well-protected against any potential issues.


Develop Positive Service Relationships

By scheduling regular preventive plumbing maintenance, you would be creating a positive service relationship with a local company offering competent plumbing services. During the routine inspections, the technician would be examining the functioning of your home’s specific plumbing system. In case of a major plumbing problem, you would have no second thoughts about whom to contact for scheduling emergency repairs.



A Thorough Examination

During plumbing servicing, a well-trained plumbing expert would be performing a thorough evaluation and careful assessment of the plumbing system in your house. Routine maintenance would be effective in keeping plumbing systems in top gear. It would be functioning smoothly and flawlessly. It would be helpful in avoiding unanticipated and often, costly repairs.

Complete Plumbing Inspection

A complete and meticulous plumbing inspection should always be covering the following:

  • Showers, Tubs & Sinks: Regular examinations would be effective in identifying hidden drainage issues including leaks and corrosive deposits that could be constricting water flow. If this is left undetected, it could lead to damage and costly repair.
  • Toilets: Loose fittings, leaks, and cracks could occur over a period of time. It is compulsory to identify these issues early for avoiding the need for costly repairs in the near future. You must make sure that the flappers are examined on a regular basis and they are replaced promptly as and when required. Remember if the flappers are not functioning properly, you could be losing as much as 200 gallons of your home water daily.
  • Water Heaters: Conventional tank water heaters usually, are responsible for huge energy consumption. As such, it is mandatory to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively. You must get your tanks examined regularly for detecting sediment buildups and leaks. To ensure complete safety, the pressure and temperature must also be examined routinely.
  • Main Line Stoppages: Get your main sewer line routinely inspected because once issues arise here, repairing expenses are not going to be cheap at all. Sludge buildup, trees, foreign objects, bad joints, and cracks could be some of the potential problems that require early detection.



Annual plumbing inspections are an absolute must, but it is also a good idea for anyone who is buying or preparing to sell a house to have the entire plumbing system inspected so that there are no issues or nasty surprises later on in the purchase or sale.

Author Bio: Felix Watson is the owner of a plumbing solutions firm. He is an expert plumber and has worked in the field for over a decade. He now enjoys blogging to reach out to people and offer the advice on good choices when setting up plumbing systems on their property, how to choose a good plumbing agency and much more.





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