Curtain Dust – 5 Expert Tips to Prepare Your Home for Vacancy


When preparing your home for vacancy, there’s a whole lot to think about.

First and foremost is all of your belongings making their way out of the house and away to your new location, after which you should turn your attention to the cleaning. Cleaning a rental property before vacating is absolutely essential, and more than that, it’s just good manners. For some people, cleaning their home for vacancy is as simple as downloading a Home Cleaning App, but if you’re more interested in doing the dirty work yourself, we’ve got 5 expert tips to prepare your home for vacancy.



Floors receive the most punishment out of any surface in the house.

Constantly walked on, furniture moved over them, and dirt and grime rubbed from shoes into carpets. Floors require some serious attention at the end of a lease. Hardwood floors and lino floors should be swept or vacuumed, and then thoroughly mopped with disinfectant cleaning agent.

Remember to leave your floors till last, start high on the walls and furniture and work your way down, otherwise you’ll need to redo the floors anyway. Most places require professional steam cleaning for all carpets, so prepare for that cost as well.



Cleaning the walls might seem like an odd idea, but it is essential to the overall cleanliness of the house. You bump into walls with clothes and hands and feet all the time, and scuff marks can be cleaned off, so grab a soft sponge and some hot detergent water and get to work scrubbing. Make sure to get the doorframes and around door handles and light switches as well, as these are “high traffic” areas, and are likely a totally different colour to what they were when you moved in.



If you have a garden at your property, make sure it’s returned to as good condition as you can possibly return it to, and make sure to plan ahead, as plants take time to grow. If wild animals have been digging in your yard, fill the holes and plant the grass seeds weeks in advance to give them time to flourish and grow properly before you vacate the premises. Weeding is a slow and tedious task, but the end result is worth it to your landlords and real estate agents, so make sure any garden beds are tended, and all lawns are properly mown.


Sneaky Spots

The places many people forget to clean are the places that are tricky to reach, or are hidden, like the insides of cupboards and the area around a shower fan. These places can have moisture and mould issues, so making sure you get to them before vacating is essential to returning the house to it’s prior splendour. Don’t forget to clean out the bathroom cabinet, they are often hidden behind mirrors and easily forgettable.


Last Minute Checks

Finally, make sure you run some last minute checks before you lock up for the last time. Any spare sets of keys need to be returned with you original set, any lasting or serious damage should be reported, and any pictures of your soon-to-be old home should be taken now. The last minute checks are just as important as the cleaning and vacating itself, so make sure not to neglect them.


Your house will seem as if you never graced it’s halls with your presence if you followed these guidelines and cleaned diligently.





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