5 Home Security Habits to Deter Burglars


The feeling of security is why owning a home is so enviable.

A home means you should be able to feel safe in your own sanctuary; you should be able to truly relax and unwind at the end of each day. However, a home isn’t just automatically safe and secure. To give you peace of mind, we’ve collated 5 home security habits that you need to exhibit in order to keep you and your family safe.


  1. Lock your doors

This might seem trivial, obvious or even ridiculous, but many burglaries occur due to the simplest of homeowner mistakes – an unlocked door! Always, always, always be sure to lock up your home every time you go out. Also, if you reside in an unsafe neighbourhood, it may even be beneficial for your safety for you to lock your doors whilst you are at home.

Just any old door or lock won’t do, either. Make sure that you enlist the help of the best security doors in Sydney, as well as investing in good quality locks and deadbolts. Lastly, it is paramount that any patio or sliding doors have anti-entry devices fitted to prevent them being removed from their frames.


  1. Install an alarm

One of the most effective options in protecting your home from break-and-enters is to install a home alarm system. There is a myriad of alarm systems on the market nowadays, able to be suited to any home’s security needs. Ranging from a basic alarm siren to a secure fortress, it’s important that you take the time to secure your home in the way that suits you best. Moreover, ensure that your alarm company has a fast response time, and consider whether you want the police called in the case of an alarm going off.


  1. Install security cameras

In the case of a security breach, one of your best assets is a security camera.

That way, you can see who took your possessions, and exactly what they took plus what rooms they entered in the house. Not only will this help you in an insurance case, but it will also provide the police with valuable evidence should anything be stolen from your home. If you can’t afford the real thing, good quality fake cameras can also serve as a theft deterrent.


  1. Use motion sensor lighting

Shadowed parts of your home make for ideal access points for the potential burglar.

An integral part of any truly effective home security system, scare any intruders off by illuminating dark areas with motion-activated lights. These lights also dually serve: they double as practical additions to your home when entertaining guests or relaxing with family.


  1. Get a dog

Few people, even burglars, will stick around once they hear the startling sound of a dog’s bark. Give any intruders visual cues by putting up “Beware of the Dog” signs or stickers in visible places, too. Dogs also make great companions, and you can train your pet not to react to strangers, but to bark and growl in the night when there is a sign of disturbance.


Your home’s security system should be like an onion: it should have many layers, each increasing in depth. Think about the different elements that you need to protect your home: an alarm, motion-detected lights, a dog and suitable locks and doors. As they always say, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!




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