Parental dilemmas: Handling troublemaking teens #TeenProblems


Teenage is a tough phase in life as your child is going through hormonal changes which may alter their behavior. That is why it’s called the ‘rebellious age’. It often gets hard for the parents to control the teenage tantrums which may cause them to lose their sleep due to constant worry.

Slammed doors, constant mood swings, late night hangouts, cell phone addiction, etc. are frequent occurring at a house where there’s a teenager so if you are a parent yourself, you may have experienced it firsthand. Some parents become authoritative, which may cause their teen to become more disrespectful towards them. Others may give their child a free hand to do what he wants. This may lead to a child becoming rude and stubborn. When handling kids, especially those who are a bit of troublemakers, parents need to understand the psychology of their child.

If he’s coming home late in stupor and smells of liquor, hitting him or barring him from going out is not a solution. Handle the situation in an unobtrusive manner. Here are some ways you can control your parental dilemmas regarding your teens.




  • Communicate more with your teen

The rift between a teen and his parents is due to the communication gap between them. Many teens complain their parents don’t understand them. Confronting your child is not the answer to the growing problems. Consider them as adults and listen to their problems in detail. Help them out if they have any issues. Talk frankly to your child, even if it’s about sex, relationships, etc. Handling the situation in a mature manner can subside some of your worries. Discuss politics, movies, anything with your child. Spending some time together will develop their trust in you so you’ll be the first they’ll come to when facing any problem.




  • Update yourself with the tech gadgets and social media

What’s with the parents and the internet? Children are more enthusiastic about tech gadgets and stuff. With advancement of technology, there are so many social media sites developed that has introduced numerous platforms for communication. So chances of online friendships and dating are quite high. Parents must be familiar with all the social media tricks so that they can avoid misuse of such technology. If they are well-informed, only then can they beware their kids of the negative consequences of social media. They must also be able to operate computers, tablets and smartphones to know their advantages and disadvantages.




  • Become a part of their activities

Children are always carefree. It’s the parents who have to act responsible and take charge of their children’s activities. To make sure that your child is moving in the right direction, involve him in some productive activities. Engage them in outdoor sports and play with them as a team. When indoors, watch a movie with them or listen to songs together. You must also eat together, for the family that eats together, stays together. Do not isolate your child on the basis of his behavior. Setup rules for the family and start complying them because a child is a reflection of his parents. He will do what you do.




  • Keep a check on them through cell phone monitoring app

Surveillance is the best alternate for avoiding confrontations. You can give your child his own privacy and freedom by letting him do whatever he wants without questioning him. However, you can still monitor him through spying software. Such an app can help you track his calls, texts, email correspondence, GPS location, multimedia files, etc.

Cell phone monitoring app such as Xnspy can be used in stealth mode so your kid will never know he’s being spied on. You can keep a tab on his activities by snooping into his phone and figure out his every move. You can learn of his whereabouts through GPS tracking at any time. Also, if you’re concerned about his friends and colleagues, you can read his messages and listen to his phone call recordings to get a better hold of the situation. This can help you catch him lying instantly.

Moreover, there are issues such as sexting and cyberbullying that are quite rampant these days. They can traumatize your child to a great extent. So, it’s, better for you to curb such activities by keeping in notice all your child’s activities. Thanks to spying apps like Xnspy, you can view the photos and videos of your child. Even if your child is doing something wrong, you can remotely command the control panel to lock his cell phone screen, wipe data from the phone, and delete any unapproved apps.


Parental decisions are not easy to make. Presence of tech gadgets has caused so many distractions for children. Embrace cell phone monitoring app as a necessary evil and bridge the gap between you and your kids. Whether your child is a teen or a tween, he still needs you. In short, the best idea is to opt for an app like Xnspy to address all your parenting vows. So it’s time to polish your parenting skills and make sure your efforts are worth all.




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