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In the world of superheroes, power comes in many forms. Whether it’s super-strength that enables a hero to hurl cars over their heads, the ability to fly, or to run faster than the blink of an eye, the array of feats that we see on the silver screen is impressive. Personally, I think that the ability to get through the day sometimes is a feat in itself, and the ability to play referee between the latest disagreement whilst cooking dinner, sorting laundry and standing on hold to some organisation or other’s supremely awful customer service line for 52 gajillion minutes whilst listening to enough tinny muzak to make your ears bleed is worthy of superhero status in itself. 

Still, back to those comic book heroes that don’t compare to us every day parent heroes…

With all those flashy powers, glitzy lifestyles and heroic antics, the humble aspects of a hero’s life are sometimes overlooked.  For instance: consider the demands of a superhero’s routine – dashing to and from crime scenes and kickboxing with villains – what kind of shoes should they wear?

Think of The Flash – and then imagine him wearing a pair of sandals. Super speed and flip flops wouldn’t end well, would it? But then again, flip flops aren’t much of a look on men, I don’t think think. Oh, no. Superheroes wear footwear that aids their abilities and ootwear retailer Brantano has gathered some of their favourites…

Wonder Woman’s Battle Boots




One of the longest-serving female superheroes is daughter of Zeus, Diana Prince. Also known as Wonder Woman, she made her debut in 1941 and is back in the public eye thanks to a new look for her role in the DC cinematic universe.


She was my hero as a kid!

Confidence and colour is key so alongside her iconic bracers and tiara, she wears red knee high boots with a signature white stripe.  In a practical and much-praised move, many of her comic boot appearances have eschewed high heels in favour of flat boots.  

In her latest iteration, Gal Gadot’s heroine is clad in armoured knee-highs that have sandal-style straps and a wedge heel. Impractical? Maybe. Stylish? Yes.


Star Lord’s Rocket Boots (Guardians of the Galaxy)




Peter Quill, or Star Lord, was portrayed by Chris Pratt in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. His guile and charisma helped lead a team of misfits against supervillain Ronan, whose forces were threatening the galaxy.

What else can someone with the title Star Lord sport but a space cowboy inspired look completed with a pair of reddish-brown walking shoes that are topped with knee-high greaves. The kicker? These boots have rocket boosters in them, enabling Star Lord to cross large crevasses and thrust through the non-gravity of empty space. Rocket boosters, people! How much fun would they be attached to your every day pair of slippers. Imagine how much faster jobs around the house could get done?


Superman’s Iconic Red Boots




Think of Superman and you immediately think of blue and red, a pair of red spandex and cape over the famous blue costume. However, the look wouldn’t be complete without the boots to match. Superman, when not hiding behind the Clark Kent alias, wears his just below the knee greaves with style.

Even in his latest, more realistic portrayal by Henry Cavill, which has removed the comic-book briefs, Superman still wears his bright-red boots. Proof then when something works, you don’t need to change it. 

The Power Rangers




Probably the worst superheroes ever but worth watching just for the cringe factor of, well, everything really. Acting, storylines, costumes… but the kids love it. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were a TV phenomenon in the 90s, but are set to launch themselves back into the public eye when their new action film is released in 2017. Combatting lord Zed, the team of heroes take their instruction from Zordon – but seem to take fashion tips from more famous superheroes, as they also wore colourful knee-high boots. Yep, seems those superheroes just can’t get enough of those knee-highs!


Captain America’s Combat Boots




Captain America is a low-key, no-frills superhero that mixes patriotism with strength. Styled to fit in with the portrayal a man who withstands no nonsense, the ‘cap’s’ costume is a jumpsuit style military get-up that doesn’t mess around. Like his outfit, his boots are all about utility. Combat boots with a thick sole, they’re perfect whether he’s pursuing crime on foot or on his motorcycle. Practically perfect in every way. 



The Joker’s Knife Boot (The Dark Knight)




The clown prince of crime isn’t just the arch-nemesis of Batman, he’s also a challenging role for any actor to take on. In what is arguably his most famous on-screen appearance, the Joker was immortalised by the late Heath Ledger as a dark, psychopathic villain although personally, I think Jack Nicholson is hard to beat. In this entire list, he’s the only character to not wear knee high boots. His iconic purple suit caught the eye, but it was a hidden knife in his brogues that surprised Batman in a melee combat. Plus, they looked great with brightly-checked socks.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to be learned from superhero fashion. A longer length pair like knee high boots must grant some sort of secret super power – considering almost every superhero there is confidently sporting such footwear. Maybe the real secret to heroism and fame is a pair of knee highs?




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