Mothers Beware – Vital Areas To Inspect Before Buying A Used Car


A seller is privy to a lot of crucial information about their car and as the prospective buyer; none of the car’s details and faults will be spelt out to you when buying the used car. The car’s history is therefore every important when buying the car. To get all the information about the car, you must hire a professional car inspector show ill advice whether the car is worth purchasing or not.

The condition of the car’s main elements depends on how it has been cared for by the seller. An inspector must therefore look at the following vital areas of the used car:


The Suspension

The series of interconnected components that support the car should be known before buying the car. A quick shakedown of the car’s suspension will tell if the components are in great condition or not. The suspension shouldn’t be above ¼ inch side to side during the suspension shakedown.



The engine is the car’s heart and it must be working perfectly before you can buy the car. The engine should be running well; otherwise, the car will be stuck at your driveway few months after the purchase.

Professional engine analysis is crucial and this is made possible by lab analysis carried out on the engine oil. The results of the engine analysis will tell if the engine is in good shape and if you should buy the car or not.

You should also look at oil levels in the transmission, radiator, oil pan, and the power steering system. For more on car inspection and engine analysis, visit


The tyres

Car tyres are expensive and it doesn’t make sense to buy a used-car expensively but to end up paying much more later on purchase of new tyres. Whether you are inspecting the tyres by yourself over the weekend with your kids or you have a professional inspecting the car, the treads must be looked at. Too smooth or cracked tyres indicate neglect and this also shows that the car hasn’t been attended to in a long time.


The exteriors

Most sellers put effort on the exteriors before selling cars but however good the car looks, there are areas that you should focus on to know how the car has fared on in the past. Look out for mismatched paint, dents, and waves. A well cared for car will have few misalignments.



Your safety in the car is crucial. This therefore means that the car’s exhaust shouldn’t be leaky since a leaky exhaust will expose you to noxious gases. Holes and missing parts under the car’s exhaust system should be a reason for alarm.


Interior spaces

The car should have enough and comfortable interior spaces. The cushions and upholstery must in good shape as well. All accessories must be present and in good shape.



Inside and outside lights must be in good shape. Faulty and dim lights should be replaced. During the inspections, a thorough look should be given to the taillights, headlights, dome lights, rear lights, side markers, turn signals, and the hood light.



Finally, the car’s title should be looked at. The ownership should be clear and the official identification used. Professional inspectors will look at the records to ensure that the car ownership isn’t contentious.


In conclusion, have all these elements and areas of the car professionally inspected. You should also ensure that the car’s maintenance fee is reasonable and the car affordable.


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Maxwell Carnegie is a vintage car inspector at Lemon Squad. He is renowned for his expertise and proficiency. Look up for more information on used cars.




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