Is your man more concerned about his hair than you are?



A recent study may suggest that men are just as worried about their hair as they age as women are. Have you noticed something similar going on in your house? Have you noticed your man checking for bald spots as frequently as you look for your own grey hairs? The study actually reveals something more interesting than men being just as concerned about their hair as women. It reveals that it’s specifically baldness, as opposed to greying, that really bothers them.

The study was carried out by FUE Hair Transplant Specialists Crown Clinic. The survey results are from the responses of 1000 people and what it says about our attitudes to greying and baldness are very interesting.


Attitudes to going grey

The survey found that men and women get their first grey hair around the same time, aged 33 for men and 34 for women. The bad news for women is that greying is perceived to age women by six more years than it is men.

Almost 3/4 of women, 72%, dread going grey, while only 36% of men do, just over a third. This is thought to be down to the ‘silver fox’ phenomenon.

Whilst grey hair ages women – thanks to a media culture that tells us that women lose their worth as they get older – it distinguishes men, whom media culture tell us grow more dignified and important with age.

Whether this is wrong or right, there’s little we can do about it. The fact is, men are fine with going grey, thanks in part to celebrities such as George Clooney who wholly endorse it.


Going bald

Whilst men appear laid back about their journey to white hair, their attitude to baldness is a very different thing. In fact, men’s fear of baldness could explain their laid back attitude to going grey, because going grey at least proves that they have hair. But now days, there is more and more men use hair replacement systems, it is easily wear.

Attitudes to baldness can also be explained by the celeb effect; far more movie stars wear their hair grey than fashion male pattern baldness. It turns out that over a third of men, 34%, would consider a hair system such as hair transplant surgery such as FUE hair transplants to fix their baldness.

In the battle of the sexes it transpires that we all have anxieties, but where the ladies are worried about looking old from going grey, men are more concerned with losing their sex appeal by going bald.

Luckily, for both men who suffer from hair loss, the option of a hair transplant means that there are options for those who feel like it would help improve their confidence as they age.






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