The 6 Important Steps Involved In DWI Litigation



DWI litigation is a tough time for anyone with a DWI charge brought against them. Even though the whole problem is a consequence of your actions, no one enjoys being taken to court or getting arrested for driving while intoxicated. It is for this reason that DWI specialized lawyers work hard to get you out of the charge by going to extents of proving science over the law and winning your case.

To win your case, or have the case dismissed, the lawyer will take your case through the following process:


Free consultation

There is a high number of individuals who go to jail or pay the DWI fines because they are unable to pay for legal consultation services. The best DWI lawyers around Houston take consultation as the first point of representation with an aim of getting your case dismissed. By listening to you and weighing your options, you will be a step closer to staying away from jail or paying a hefty fine.



Once a lawyer accepts to take your case, you will be given a warning in advance on the court and the legal representation process. Your patience will be called for strongly because most of these cases take a while. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect an overnight dismissal.


Case gets subpoenaed

As mentioned above, getting your DWI case dismissed will take a while but the first step to freedom is obtaining subpoenas from the agencies. The blood and the breath subpoenas will take between 30 to 90 days. The whole process takes longer when the blood alcohol content has to be used. It takes some time to get the MDT reports on these.


Review of videos and tapes

As the breath and blood alcohol test results are awaited, the lawyer will apply to review 911 tapes and the video evidence of the arrest. The video helps in obtaining the Offense Report and the Video evidence, which show anyinstances of discrepancies and mistakes.


Updates and payments

As mentioned above, getting your case dismissed is a lengthy process but the best DWI lawyers are determined to win. As you wait, you may call the office of the lawyer for information about the progress of the case. You may also visit the Houston DWI lawyer to ask about the progress of the case.

Alternatively, the case updates can be sent to you via email with notice of the ALR hearings. Since a payment plan will have been drawn up after the free consultation, you will be expected to honor the payment plan agreement then. Most of these lawyers prefer cash payments, which can be made during the visits to the office.


Case outcome

Everything comes to an end. You will be given the outcome of the case at the hearing or after and if the case hasn’t been dismissed, then you may plea a bargain. If the plea bargain is dismissed or rejected, then a Pre Trial Intervention can be applied for. This is granted only to individuals with BAC below 0.15, no previous convictions or arrests.

If all these fail, you will head for trial. At the trial, you may win or lose but you should be prepared to pay a fine of face jail term.

In conclusion, though lengthy, with the best DWI lawyer, you will win the case by having it dismissed. Note that a 10-day jail term is required if your given probation time after the Pre Trial Intervention.

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