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Learning math is challenging for many students. The technicalities and the need for critical thinking in math means that teachers have to employ different strategies for students to pass. However, the teacher’s efforts are never enough for you to pass the exams especially in competitive schools and mathematical areas.  

To pass, you will find yourself looking for a tutor and also finding ways of learning by yourself. Thankfully, technology is always there at your time of need and you can use any of the following apps to better understand the complex math problems. The apps include:



Though limited to IOS software systems and smartphones, this app will give you the chance to lower your struggle with math. This app works just like your tutor by giving you detailed explanations for all the problems you pose. The clear explanations make it easier for you to understand the concepts.


IMathematics Pro

This app runs on Android and iOS gadgets. Once you download it, you will get access to over 1000 formulas applicable in over 120 topics. It also has calculators and 7 solvers that run on an attractive interface.


Equations All-in-One

Math, Physics, and Chemistry problems are easily solved by this app.  Equations All-in-One app solves more than 130 problems in any of the above subjects. Whether you are in high school or at the university, this app will make it possible for you to understand and solve any complex questions presented to you.

The formula used for a problem allows you to solve variables in equations. This also has a unit converter for major Physics units. It runs on iOS.


Free Graphing Calculator or Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

These apps run on iOS and Android respectively. Students studying advanced mathematics need graphing calculators, which can be quite expensive and complex. This app has an intuitive user interface and provides users with advanced mathematical functions. Intersections, slopes, and roots on graphs are beautifully laid on this app.



This app runs on Android and iOS operating systems. It helps students to access multiple formulas easily. Students talking Geometry, Algebra, or Calculus classes are more likely to benefit from this app. The user interface makes it possible for students to add notes to the equations, save favorites, and add brief descriptions to help understand how the app gave the answer.


Wolfram Alpha

Understanding complex math is made easier by this app. Number-centric and mat related problems get comprehensive answers and anything across 29 disciplines can be solved. The app gives graphical representations, formula details, and brief explanations to problems and given solutions.


Math Solver

This is the best app for solving mathematical equations. Besides giving solutions to the problems you present, it gives step by step details of how the solution was arrived at. Linear and quadratic equations are solved by the app. Radical and literal equations, graph equations, and factors are solved using this app as well.

In conclusion, though mathematical concepts are challenging for you and many other students, the apps highlighted above and many others will help in making math easier.

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Bradley Patterson is a math tuition teacher at SmileTutor agency. His experience with students using the apps above shows that there is a significant improvement in performance in the students using the app. Check out his blog for more apps and mathematical resources for students.






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