7 Reasons Why You Should Contact Barclays’ Customer Services Today


Dealing with financial institutions can be a challenge, especially because most of the institutions have tough rules governing the time to be contacted, and even the means of communication. If you are a Barclays customer, then you could be sighing loudly or celebrating that the former isn’t the case for you.

To enhance service delivery, Barclays Bank, a leading multinational corporation providing financial and banking services has devised a reliable customer services system. If you have any banking or financial issues, then you should contact them. Here are the reasons why:


24-hours automated customer service

If you do not mind communicating with an operator, then you are in luck. A financial or a banking emergency can arise at any time. To resolve any issues at any time of the day or night, you can call the 24-hour automated customer support service that is available for you.


Daily operator call center agents

If you prefer communication with fellow humans and with a human touch, then you can also access most of Barclays services for most of the day’s twenty four hours. Barclays call center is operational from 7am to eleven at night. Besides convenience, this option gives you the flexibility to call when you are off work. The call center agents are available during the weekends as well.


Knowledgeable call center representatives

It is discouraging to talk to call center agents with insufficient information about the products or services you seek. All the operators at the Barclays customer service center are vastly knowledgeable.

The knowledge garnered through the years and through professional training is sufficient to answer all your prodding questions.  Information on mortgages, loan repayment rates, and investments is availed by the Barclays customer service representatives.



The Barclays customer service isn’t just an avenue for you to lodge complaints. It also doubles up as your information and services delivery channel. As a Barclays customer, your account balance can be checked, you can transfer funds, pay your bills, update your details, or even cancel your card. This saves you money and time spent on the road or at the banking hall. This also means that you can access these services at the comfort of your home.


Resolve technical hitches

Barclays extends online banking facilities to its customers. As one of the customers, you can easily get technical assistance when you give the customer services operators a call. You will either receive direct services or you can be directed to a technical expert who will call you and restore the online banking services.


Cheaper calls using landline phones

Calls to Barclays customer service center are cheaper when placed using a landline phone rather than a mobile phone. With this, and the flexible calling hours, you will be able to save quite a bit of money from your phone bills.


Trustworthy services

You often hear that old is gold. With over 325 years of service delivery, you can trust its banking and financial system.

In conclusion, the reasons listed above make Barclays customer services among the best in the UK. You should however, have your account and banking details at hand before calling to speed up identification.

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Hawa Ali is a freelance writer and a reviewer of online customer support systems and services. Read her blog for more helpful information to every Barclays customer.






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