6 Vital Soft Skills For The Best Legal Talent in Leading Firms


If you are in the legal field, then you already know that just having technical skills, and knowing all the law jargon isn’t enough for your career. You also know that law firms do not hire you solely because of your ability to quote the Constitution. You get hired by the best law firms if you can mix and match your educational and professional qualifications with social or soft skills.

In most interviews, your emotional quotient, rather than your intelligence quotient gets you the job. So, which skills are these?


Effective communication

Yes, you can read, and write well. You can draft the best opening statements for the court and the court respects your words. However, can you communicate with your clients in a not-so-lawyer-language? Can you effectively negotiate cases, be part of investigations, and interview your clients with clarity, but with a soft touch.

Your communication shouldn’t be brutally honest lest you hurt a client’s feelings or lose a job. Learn how to talk with your clients, colleagues, and partners in a humane manner but clearly.



This is hardly taught in law-school, but you must be able to put yourself in the other person’s shoe to understand them. This skill will put you ina position to relate to people well, since you understand and appreciate their opinions.

This is also an important skill for conflict resolution, negotiation, and arguing cases in court convincingly.


Social skills

How do you interact with others and how are your relationships with your peers? A legal career in any law firm requires that you have the ability to build effective and long lasting professional relationships with peers, colleagues, partners, and even clients.

Cultivation, nurturing, and strengthening relationships with your clients will help you in keeping more clients and bringing in more.



For a liability attorney to succeed in their field, you will have to work with the rest of the team. Complex law issues will crop up as you work and collaboration is necessary. You will have to utilize the expertise and knowledge of other lawyers. This therefore means that you must have the skills and the ability to work with all these individuals you collaborate with.



The legal profession is challenging. You will face many setbacks. To be able to manage a career in a law firm, you should be able to hone your resilience. This skill is acquired through life and you will not be taught about it in school. Therefore, you should develop resilience.


Problem solving

If you are pursuing a career in a law firm, in and out of Texas, then you will have to develop your problem solving skills. In most cases, clients have to reach a pragmatic solution and it is the duty of a lawyer to help clients make the right decisions.

In conclusion, for a successful career in a law firm, these soft skills will be effective to get you at the top. You should also hone your leadership skills, analytical skills, and risk management.

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Gerald Bufford is a liability attorney working with a renowned legal firm in Texas. His expertise is reputable. Read his profile on LinkedIn to learn more about him and the legal practice.






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