Why a Water Filter System is a Worthwhile Investment for Your Family


If you’ve ever turned on a domestic tap and grimaced at the taste of the water, you’ll know that the stuff in your faucet isn’t the same as what you get at the supermarket. It may have a slightly metallic flavour, or make your nose tickle with just a hint of chlorine. Either way, it has been treated with chemicals before it gets to your kitchen or bathroom.

While these treatments do make the water safe to drink, in the short term, nobody’s entirely sure what their long-term effects might be. Fluoride, for instance, has been the subject of much controversy over the years, with many health experts advising consumers to avoid it. The same can be said for chlorine and a host of other water treatment additives and chemicals.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take the risk. With a high-quality water filtration system, clean chemical free water is accessible at all times. This guide to the main benefits of faucet filtration will explain why these systems are so valuable.


Sensitive, Intelligent Filters

As long as you consult a reputable plumber to measure and install your filter, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your drinking water again. The AquaLife Mineralised RO P5 filtration system is hooked up to the domestic water system. It uses highly intelligent filters to eliminate contaminants and rebalance the proportion of healthy minerals and salts. This is essential because lots of minerals are good for the health; they can just appear in overly abundant quantities and make the water taste unpleasant.


Kinder to the Body

While nobody is quite sure what prolonged exposure to chlorine and fluoride, as part of drinking water, does to the body, many families are choosing not to take the risk. There are some studies that link the chemicals to things like kidney stones and degenerative sickness. More research is needed, but if you don’t have to tolerate additives in your domestic water supply, why would you settle for their presence there? Water filtration systems represent a conscious, informed decision to accept only the best.


Environmentally Friendly

Bottled water is the only viable alternative to mineral tap water, but it is a huge strain on the environment. The bottled water industry is one of the least sustainable on the planet. It takes an average of 1,000 years for a single plastic container to completely decompose. This means that millions of tonnes of plastic water bottles accumulate in landfills. They are a real burden on the planet, so choosing bottled mineral water over tap is never the best solution.



Easier On the Wallet

If you’re not constantly buying bottled water, you’ll end up saving yourself a lot of cash. Just think; if you buy one water bottle from the store and then refill it with your own filtered tap, you can get weeks (maybe months) of use out a single container. Whatever you do, don’t fall for clever marketing ploys that promise ‘vitamin water’ and package their product in pretentious ways; they are all inferior choices next to sustainable, cost effective, chemical free tap water.


Why Filtration Installations Are Simpler Than You Think

While it is always best to have a domestic filtration system fitted by a qualified plumber, the process is fast and straightforward. The best companies will send a technician who talks you through the process and lets you have a get a good look at the filtration components. Ideally, you want to work with a plumber that offers no fee repairs in the rare event of a malfunction, clog, or leak. Ask if the filtration model comes with a warranty or guarantee.  








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  1. You are so right about bottled water being an issue for the environment despite the great water in the bottles not to mention an addition cost. Thank you for sharing why water filters are a great choice!

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