Learn to Manage These 5 Things before You Get Married



If you want to have a happy marriage and know what you are getting yourself into first, there are a few things you need to talk about and that you need to learn to manage before the wedding. If you wait to discuss certain things, it could lead to serious problems during your first year of marriage.


#1 Discuss Finances

Before you get married, you should discuss your finances with your future spouse. If you are seriously in debt, it is important that you discuss it before the wedding. If you don’t, it could look like you were trying to hide something. You also want to discuss spending habits. If one person loves to spend and the other loves to save, it can lead to problems down the road. Before you get married, you should discuss your financial goals and what you expect from one another when it comes to saving and spending.


#2 Children?

Chances are, the subject of children has come up before you and your future spouse got engaged. If it hasn’t, you should discuss it before you get married. If one of you wants children and the other doesn’t, the chances of the marriage lasting are very slim. If both of you want children, you should talk about what will happen after the children are born. Will one parent stay home with the children? Will children go to daycare? These are things that should be discussed before getting married.


#3 Yard Work

It may seem like a small thing, but deciding who will be in charge of doing the yard work can cause problems later if it is not discussed. One spouse can be in charge of the duties, you can take turns, or you can do it together. Either way, it should be discussed ahead of time. If neither of you wants to be in charge of the yard work, you should consider fake grass for sale. It needs no maintenance, therefore, there will be no arguments over the yard work not getting done.


#4 Household Chores

Just like yard work, you and your future spouse should decide who will be in charge of the housework. If one spouse is handling all of the responsibilities, it can lead to resentment within the marriage. You should decide if you are going to take turns cleaning the house or if you are going to switch off days or weeks. You can even clean together. If neither of you likes doing housework and you can afford it, you could hire a cleaning service.


#5 Where Are You Going to Live?

Discussing where you will live in the future is a very important conversation that should take place before the wedding. If you don’t live together, whose home will you live in after the wedding? If you do live together, are you in your forever home? Do you want to live in the city or in the suburbs? If you both have completely different ideas of where you want to live, it can create serious problems in the marriage very quickly. It is important that you make sure that you are both on the same page or that you can come up with a compromise about your future home before you walk down the aisle.

Weddings should be happy and romantic. Many couples don’t want to ruin the romance by having tough conversations. If you don’t have these conversations, the romance in the marriage will come to a screeching halt when you realise that you both have completely different views regarding your marriage and your future.





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