Wedding Band Styles That Men Would Like to Flaunt


Rings that are well known as fashion accessories for women also find favor with men when it comes to wedding rings. Men are quite eager to figure out the wedding band of their choice as it can express their fashion quotient, taste and style in one go. It has another big significance in that it expresses the partnership that underlies the relationship between the bride and the groom.

Although men’s wedding band designs and styles might not be as varied as that of the ladies’ wedding rings, its selection can be quite confusing. Jewelry is not on the priority list of grooms when they go for wedding shopping. They might not be willing to spend too much time in selecting wedding ring designs, but they would like to get the most befitting style and design. Some selected styles of wedding rings have been discussed in this article. This can ease out the selection process and also save time.



Domed design rings

Men who like to keep it simple would prefer the classic dome design of rings that looks quite dignified. This could be the first option as most men want to wear it with comfort and ease of doing all kinds of work. Since wedding rings are to be worn constantly, and frequent removal is never to be considered to prevent losing it, the simple design has an astute appeal that is liked by folks who are not much inclined to wearing jewelry. The design can be carved on any metal.



Designs with patterns

Although there is an element of simplicity in men’s wedding ring designs, it can be made to acquire some attractive patterns without compromising on the simplistic elements. The traditional classic design is tweaked to accommodate patterns that are attractive to men. Patterns are usually crafted from two different metals that are used for making rings.  Patterns that appear to be woven and even look like waves are most popular in two-toned rings. The design of domed rings with tiny beads along the edge is known as milgrain pattern, which is one of the most common patterns for men’s rings.



Flat rings

If the domed rings appear to be very traditional and stereotype, a variety can be developed by giving the ring a flat contour. This change can make the ring look more contemporary without the flashy stuff that many men would like to keep away from. The round looks of dome design give way to slender and flat rings have their sides squared off for a modern appeal. These can be made from different metals and can become the life companion for the groom due to the timelessness of the style.



Gold rings

The suitability of gold in jewelry making is yet to be matched by any other metal. The widest style and design options for men’s wedding bands are available in gold only.  Whether you want a simple design without any frills, or want to get the ring engraved, or even want to have a diamond embellished on it, gold can accommodate anything. It is the most versatile jewelry making metal that remains the staple choice for men’s rings and bands. The attraction of gold also lies in its affordability that gives the option of choosing according to your budget. Unless you are allergic to gold, it can be the unbeatable choice for all.



Rings made from sterling silver

The design and choice of metal drive the cost of men’s wedding bands. While the designs are not much varied, those who want to make it look different can choose different metals by going through the stunning collection of Meteorite Wedding Bands. Choice of the right metal can even help to lower cost. Silver is cheaper when it is mixed with other metals like copper to impart hardness and durability to this otherwise soft metal. Sterling silver is the best choice for those who want it cheapest. However, it can get dented easily, and it requires regular polishing to maintain its shine.



Rings made from platinum

Since design options are quite limited, to add variety and express style and class, men prefer to have the metal of their choice for making wedding bands. Besides gold, platinum and palladium are the most used precious metals for making rings. Jewelry making with precious metals began with platinum that is most valuable among all precious metals. This white colored metal expresses male fashion while upholding its superior value that adds glitz to wedding rings. Despite chances of getting scratched that can be buffed for restoration of the surface, its high durability is also a major attraction for use in rings.



Palladium rings

Although platinum is a good choice for jewelry, it is not easily available. Firstly, it is costly, and secondly, it is suitable for military use. As Platinum was declared a strategic metal, the hunt began to find something that is close to it. Palladium is another precious metal that closely represents platinum, and is also usable for jewelry making. Men’s wedding bands, made from Palladium, are also in vogue. It costs less than platinum, but can be made to look like it unless one admits its true identity. The designs of platinum can be replicated on Palladium without any difficulty.



Rings with gem stones

Once you are through with the choice of metal for making men’s rings, you can satisfy your urge for being a little flashy. To add sparkle to men’s rings, adding a few gemstones is a good idea. Select from the range of precious stones like ruby, sapphire and diamonds. These rings are readily available or can be customized. However, these have to be cared for and maintained so that the tiny stones do not fall off or get damaged.

Finally, you may think of using other non-conventional metals. The hardness of tungsten carbide can be put to good use in making rings, but it is heavier than gold and silver. Titanium rings are very light and hard that attracts men who want to wear rings that do not get damaged, come what may.

About the author – Stephanie Miller loves blogging on topics related to men’s jewelry. At heart, she is a passionate jewelry designer cutting across genders. She has been associated with several jewelers who benefit from her advice that helps to break new grounds in design as will be evident from Meteorite Wedding Bands. Stephanie loves cooking and keeps discovering new recipes.







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