Some Important Facts about Assisted Living You Should Know



With so many senior living choices available today, it is really possible to confuse one with the other. Many of you have a misconception that an assisted living facility implies a nursing home. But that is definitely not the case. In order to help you in getting a clearer perspective about assisted living and what is entails, we are providing some important facts about this level of elderly care.


Assisted Living Facilities Simply Are Not Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are supposed to be a special kind of residence that has been designed for people who are unwell and need constant care. Mostly people who consider staying at any nursing home have some illness or physical disability that would be requiring round the clock care. But assisted living facilities are meant for elderly people who are interested in retaining their independence, however, they do require some assistance with some everyday tasks such as cooking meals, getting dressed or taking medicines etc. Assisted living facilities provide a home-like atmosphere to the residents and encourage them to stay active and social.

Assisted living facility is a residential care facility providing some sort of services but certainly not licensed or registered as any skilled nursing facility. It is designed precisely for elderly people who require different levels of personal and clinical care. It offers a comfortable and familiar setting just like your home and promotes the independence of its residents. Efficient services are provided to help the residents with smooth everyday functioning. It is often chosen as an alternative to home care.



What Kind of Services Are Offered By Assisted Living Facilities

The services offered usually differ from facility to facility. However, some common services include:

  • Personal care including bathing and dressing
  • One to all three meals daily
  • Recreational & social activities
  • Some medical service
  • Monitoring of medication
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • 24×7 emergency care


Some Important Facts

Staff Is Always Present to Help

All reliable assisted living facilities would always have a well-trained staff on duty for constantly monitoring the residents and helping them promptly whenever required. Mostly call buttons are present in the residents’ rooms or apartments or homes.

Medicare Would Not Cover Assisted Living

Medicare would not be covering custodial care or non-skilled care services. Custodial care entails assistance primarily with everyday activities such as dressing, bathing, and even medication management. These are not within the purview of Medicare services. However, all reputed assisted living services usually, accept long-term care insurance and private pay. You would get to choose from a broad spectrum of affordable communities if you are having some budgetary constraints.

Some Vital Questions to Ask While Opting for an Assisted Living Facility

Why am I thinking about change in my existing living arrangements? What are the daily activities I require assistance for? How often do I require help? What would be the quality of life? Could I eat only when I wish and only with people I want to? What kind of activities are promoted here? Are all residents engaged and active? These are only some of the questions that usually come to your mind before opting for an assisted living facility. You must seek precise answers before you take the final plunge.



Making the ultimate decision to shift to an assisted living facility could really be a tough call. But you must realize that under the circumstances, this could be the ideal housing solution for an elderly person who is in a truly transitional phase of aging. No more worries about living alone. You would no longer be depressed as there would be many like-minded people around you.

Author Bio: Christina Anderson is a social worker who has been working mostly with elderly care organizations. She is a blogger and comes up with interesting experiences of her life in her posts. However, she shares useful tips and sound advice about elderly care. She recommends both home care providers and assisted living facilities depending on your specific requirements.







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