Furnishing Your Home on a Budget



For many families money is tight. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money, so that you have something put away for a rainy day.

One of them is keeping the cost of decorating your home down. One of the biggest expenses you face when making over a property is the cost of buying new furniture. To help you to keep control of this cost I have decided to put together some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way.


Buy second hand

The first tip is an obvious one, which is to buy second hand furniture as much as possible. Many people do not like the idea of doing this because they feel it means furnishing their home with worn out or ugly pieces that nobody wants.

In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Sure, people do try to sell on stuff that is basically rubbish, but these sellers are easy to avoid. After all, if when you see something you do not like it you can just say ‘no thank you’, and look elsewhere.

People throw out fantastic looking furniture all the time. It could be that they just fancy a change, or that the new sofa or bed they bought aggravates their back problem. You see people selling furniture that is just a few months old all the time.



Where to buy good second hand furniture

However, you need to know where to look. Second hand furniture warehouses may seem like the obvious place to start your search.

They certainly offer a lot of choice, but the quality is often not great. This is because these companies mostly get their stock via home clearances. As a result, many of the items that they sell are well worn.

However, if you like restoring furniture these warehouses are a treasure trove. Plus, they usually deliver for you, but for anyone else they are not always the best source of second hand furniture.

If you are after nearly new, or really well cared for furniture, you are much better buying straight from the previous owner. You can do this in several ways.

These days you will some great items put up for sale on social media. Garage sales are also still a great place to pick up a bargain.


Recycling co-operatives

If you can find a re-cycling co-operative in your area, you can be lucky and pick up good quality furniture, without having to pay anything, or very little, for it. These websites are also great places to pick up what you need for a low price.


Furniture hire companies

One unusual source is show home furniture firms. These companies lease out furniture to developers and landlords to enable them to stage their properties. To be successful these furniture hire firms need to provide their clients with furniture that is stylish, high quality, flawless and on trend. The only way for them to be able to do this is to turn their stock over regularly, which means they are always selling their old items. Most have a sales page on their website, which you can use to find what you need.







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