A New Hobby – Lip Balm Making Along With a Few Games of Bingo



I have always liked experimenting with my hobbies and I always make time to try a new project at home. Something I have recently taken a passion to is making lip balm.

The lip balm is really convenient to make and it absorbs really quickly. It is very soothing, and does not have a shiny appearance, making it suitable for both men or women.

You will need —2 Tablespoons beeswax , 2 Tablespoons coconut oil, 2 Tablespoons shear butter, You could alternatively use sarsaparilla powder if you’d like tinted lip balm.  Also a few lip balm tubes (alternately, you could use a small tin or jar and smooth the lip balm on with your fingertip.)

Here’s how you can make itin a small pan oover low heat, melt some beeswax . Add coconut oil and shea butter, and mix until all ingredients a melted. Add a bit of sarsaparilla powder to add a hint of color. Use a medicine dropper to pour the melted liquid into lip balm containers. As the mixture hardens and cools in the containers, it will shrink. Add a few extra drops to the top of each. Cool completely to harden, then cover with cap.

We poured the excess mixture into an ice-cube tray to make hard lotion bars. These are wonderful for dry skin!

This is really fun to do. I recently made some containers of lip balm, many of which that I had the pleasure of gifting my friends and family. And I would often indulge in a game of bingo at Betway Bingo while beeswax is melted and then the liquid is melted, to add some excitement to your day too!


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