6 Reasons to Host Your Next Event in a Majestic Marquee

If you’re currently in the midst of planning a big event – be it a wedding reception, a special anniversary, or a glitzy birthday bash – it is worth thinking about hiring an event marquee, as opposed to paying for space in a traditional venue. There are all kinds of benefits to hosting a party in this way. You get more control over the environment, you can invite more guests, and there are fewer rules on curfews, music, dancing, and refreshments. This is why marquees are a very popular choice for weddings, especially in Australia. With such a pleasant climate, there are no real obstacles to holding an event outdoors. With the right shelter or covering, the weather won’t be an issue. Plus, the clean-up process is much simpler and there are no worries about things getting damaged or costs running too high. This guide to some of the biggest benefits of hosting a party in a marquee will help you decide if it is the right choice for your event.

  1. No Limits On Location

If you decide to throw your event outdoors, in a marquee, you’ll have substantially more opportunities and options on offer. In theory, every outdoor spot is suitable as long as its use has been approved and your event doesn’t break any local laws or restrictions. You could have a party by the beach, in your backyard, or in a completely tranquil summer meadow.

  1. No Noise Curfews or Guest List restrictions

According to Melbourne’s marquee hire specialists, outdoor events are often safer and more comfortable than indoor ones. If you can count on balmy temperatures and long, hazy summer evenings, you’ll benefit from lots of open space and no real restrictions on the number of guests. If you find a spot far enough away from residential areas, there is unlikely to be a noise curfew as well.

  1. You Get to Enjoy the Outdoors

For most people, a combination of indoor and outdoor elements is ideal. Guests will appreciate the easy opportunities to smoke, chat, wander about in the good weather, and take advantage of a little scenic variety.

  1. Cleaning Up Is Easier

Most venues require hosts to handle the cleanup process afterwards. This can be arduous and frustrating, as furniture needs to be moved, floors swept, and food disposed of in a suitable manner. With a marquee, all of this is much simpler. There are no floors or walls to worry about and equipment and leftovers can be removed in seconds. There is significantly less chance of things ending up broken too.

  1. Fully Customisable

With a conventional venue, there are all kinds of design limitations. You can only work with what you’ve got, after all. On the other hand, with a marquee, everything is flexible. You can literally adjust the windows and walls to suit your décor. And, there’s no stern faced venue manager warning you not to shuffle chairs, dance too vigorously, or take your drinks outside.

  1. Lots of Vendors Offer Package Deals

If you’re working with a tight budget, it is worth looking for a marquee vendor that can offer a package deal on equipment and other services. This might be flowers, catering, entertainment, lighting, furniture, or stage elements. All suppliers are different, so make sure that you check what is on offer before you agree to a deal. Package arrangements can end up saving hosts a significant sum on party expenses.     Why Your Big Event Deserves a Big, Outdoor Space For a stress free wedding reception, anniversary, surprise birthday party, or family get together, there’s no better choice than an expansive, beautiful event marquee. These shelters are sturdy, robust, and designed to cater to both small and larger groups. They are easy to erect – some vendors will handle this on your behalf – and they can be taken down just as easily.

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