Beauty Booster: Inject a Dash of Style This Season with These Summer Styles


It’s about to catch us unprepared again.
Every year Summer suddenly appears and yanks away the curtain we’ve been hiding behind. It often catches us hairy legged and pale, suddenly having to bare it all. We can at least start preparing our wardrobe with some staple items to be ahead of the game in the fashion stakes, with this preview into the 2017 Summer must-haves.


Sexy Swim Suit

It goes without saying that a fabulous bathing suit is a staple of a summer wardrobe. Unless you’re a swimsuit model, you don’t need more than one or two staple bathers, invest in some that flatter your body shape. There are an amazing variety of glamorous swimsuits this season. For a large variety of upcoming styles find a sexy wrap around bikini top and perfectly fitted bikini bottoms from FELLA to enhance your rear asset.



For summer, you really only need two pairs of shoes, a flat sandal, (thongs are sloppy anywhere other than the beach) and some sandal heels. Invest in these as you’ll be wearing them all summer long. You can dress any outfit up or down with these two shoes, so find a pretty style, preferably nude or wood tone that will match any outfit.


Plunging necklines

This year the glamour of past decades has returned with the plunging neckline. Some people can’t get enough of this chest baring style while others cringe in fear. Just remember if you do decide to take the plunge unless you’re going to a nightclub pair it with something longer on the leg.  Make sure you cover your bases with some magic tape or a specialised bra for a deep plunging neckline to feel secure when you move around, and to avoid a Janet Jackson moment.


Brush your shoulder off

The Roman inspired one shoulder style is even bigger this year and it’s appearing on everything from bikinis to tops and dresses. Great if you can’t decide on sleeves or strapless, but make sure you slap on the sunscreen because the tan lines are brutal.



Everything’s about stripes this year, from pin stripes to large sailor stripes.
It will be the staple pattern of the season, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for items to pair it with. Remember that horizontal stripes add width especially with the larger stripes, so unless you want to visually gain a few kilos, stick to the vertical stripe.


Wrap this up

Everything’s wrap around this season.
Like a half undone mummy the more chance of getting yourself wrapped up in a knot whilst getting dressed the better. Skirts tops and dresses all feature a crazy big knot at the front this season, which is great if you’ve got something to hide.


Maxi prom dress

The favourite staple of any woman’s wardrobe should be a great maxi (or ten.) It can take you from day to night, beach to bar, is comfortable lightweight and graceful. You can pair it with sandals for strolling around, or heels for instant elegance. Besides the usual maxis this year the robe dress looks to be very popular, like a lightweight bathrobe but much more glamourous. As a bonus, they feel amazing on the skin, keep you cool and hide a multitude of sins. You won’t even need to shave, moisturise or tan under one of these babies.


Whilst trends come and go, don’t forget to always let your body shape and personal style be your guide. Pick and choose from trends which suit you, and know which to avoid. Have fun with your fashion this season. Be playful and adventurous in your choices and your mood will reflect how fabulous you look.






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