5 Problems of Every Large Family


  1. “Me-Time” is not in your dictionary

A large family is more about taking care of others, and in this course, you forget to give yourself a break and have that “Me-Time” for yourself. But in order to take care of others, you need to keep yourself healthy and active. Spare yourself some time from everyday chores and relax yourself. You can do anything fun you like in your free time like playing bingo on online bingo sites, or stick to any of your hobby ideas or just take a small nap.


  1. The door is never shut

If you live in a large family, you cannot expect the door to be shut. Ever. You have visitors every now and then, and they just cant get enough of you. Sometimes you need a little breathing space just to get on with every day life that having a large family entails and it’s okay to say no!


  1. Trying to take a family picture is a disaster

Yes, this can be added in world’s toughest tasks. Its like capturing every single sheep that goes away from the herd, if you catch one the other one goes missing and its a whole new disaster. Its better to make a list of all the family members and gather them and call out for the names, it makes it easier to figure out who is missing and wouldn’t waste much of your time.


  1. Noise pollution inside your house is more than outside

You always feel like you’re in a fish market and the screams just don’t go down until midnight. There are so many people in the house, it becomes difficult to communicate if you don’t speak louder and eventually you become accustomed to the noises. There is really nothing much you can do about it, but a slightest change to avoid it for sometime would be to engage everyone in to activities that does not involve talking(or making noise).


  1. Home kitchen or a restaurant kitchen?

You can’t really differentiate them. While making lunches in your kitchen looks way too similar to the assembly line at Subway, the dining feels like a feast and preparing it all is not always an easy task.


You have learned that you have to speak up if you want anyone to pay attention to you, you can figure out how to fit any amount of people into any car, you’ve pretty much never been alone, but isn’t that the best part?

To sum it up, you can’t choose your family, but if you could, you would still choose them.







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