Key tips on how to bring down moving costs



Moving is not “just a hassle”; it is also a great opportunity to get rid of old furniture, household appliances and other unnecessary things. Taking into account all moving possibilities, it’s a very good idea to choose the right company that will help you with it.


Essential factors which should be considered

It is necessary to be responsible when choosing a moving company. First of all, it has to be licensed; it should have insurance and all the necessary resources in order to make the process comfortable. Save your time and money and hire guys at, they’ll make sure everything goes without a hitch.

Your task is to avoid unplanned expenses, which can appear if you don’t visit your new place and pay little attention to things like elevator or parking space. Ask around about elevator malfunctions, or possible breaks.

It is very important to decide on the right time. It’s better to choose the middle of the month. It is advisable to start as soon as possible. Also, make sure loaders work in well lit enviroment, which is very important when carrying and loading furniture into a truck. The earlier the whole thing begins, the more time you will have for other things.

Another important factor is conclusion of a treaty. In case organisation breaks something during transportation, you will significantly reduce costs due to concluded insurance. Prior to signing insurance contract be sure to check all the details.

If you change your place because of your job, find out what benefits you have and whether your company can pay some of the costs. It is necessary to clarify possible tax incentives.

It is better to plan all expenses ahead in order to understand all of your opportunities and costs.


How to reduce costs when moving

If you have furniture that you don’t need, it’s better to get rid of it or give it to someone. To save money, it is better to throw out old furniture, reducing time and saving your efforts. Time spent on moving determines its cost. Considering that usual prices for removal of furniture are below moving prices, you can save a lot of money. Another benefit of furniture recycling beforehand is that you will have enough space where you can easily pack and disassemble your furniture.

It’s also possible to save on delivery of packaging materials if the car which is arriving for furniture recycling brings all of them with it. These are usually boxes and bubble film. You can buy plastic bags and paper towels on your own at any store, even if you don’t need some of them during moving, they’ll always come in handy at home. You can buy adhesive tape in chain stores. Buy the thickest reel, it is usually more practical.

Improperly selected cardboard boxes can greatly complicate your moving. When buying a box, try to go through the doorway with it. If you do it easily, then it’s an optimal box size.




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