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Cait House of Fraser green dress


Post written by Caitlin:

When it comes to fashion, I am very on the fence. I like looking nice and presentable but I’ve never been one to worry about whether what I’m wearing is trendy.

I have a collection of dresses that I love to wear both in summer and winter time, with either a pair of sandals or tights and some boots. I’m not really one to go for bold patterns, so they are all either plain colours or a more subtle print. With summer just around the corner I thought it might be time to expand my stash even further and so I had a look around the dress section of the House of Fraser website and found a couple of gorgeous items that I immediately liked the look of.

There were so many stunning dresses to choose from and I was torn between several. In the end I opted for a couple that I found in the sale, one being this lovely Alice & You lace up dress, the other a colourful, floral Cutie one. When they both arrived a couple of days later, I was extremely impressed. I had shopped at House of Fraser before and I know that their products are always well made, but usually I would go in store and have a chance to try things on beforehand. Ordering online is always somewhat of a gamble as you never know if they’ll run true to size, look different to what you were expecting, or just turn out to look much better on a posed model than on you. That was definitely not the case for these though, as they both were exactly what I wanted and was expecting.

I wore the Cutie dress a couple of days after it arrived and received many compliments throughout the day. Due to how floaty the fabric was I was a little worried that it would be more suited to the summer months and that I would have to store it away until it warmed up a bit, but it looked just as great with a pair of tights as it did without. It hung nicely and was flattering but didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in any way. It has quickly become one of my favourite dresses and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it many, many times throughout the year!

I loved the green lace up Alice & You dress equally as much. Once again it received many compliments, with one elderly lady coming over to me out of the blue specifically to tell me how lovely it was. Again, it would be suited to both warmer and colder weather, as although it has long sleeves they are made out of a sheer material that won’t make you overheat or go cold. One thing I will say about this dress is that it isn’t extremely practical if you have to often do tasks such as wash up throughout the day – I kept having to throw my arm into the air to get the sleeves away from the water. That didn’t come as a surprise as you can clearly tell by the image that the sleeves are long and floaty and such an incident might occur, so it didn’t affect my opinion on the dress. It comes to just above the knee and pulls in at the waist and can easily be dressed up for a formal occasion, or dressed down to wear when you’re out and about.

Both dresses are evidently well made and will last me many years and events which is fantastic. I will definitely be checking out the House of Fraser website and store again to kit myself out for the summer!



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