Media Request: Food-Loving Families Wanted for New TV Series




New, light-hearted documentary for Channel 4, focusing on all you can eat restaurants and the people who visit them!


We are looking for all kinds of people, including:


-Families! Do your children love an all you can eat buffet? Do you like it as a value-for-money eating out option?

-Do you have a plan/ tactics to make sure you get the most out of an all you can eat buffet or do you simply turn up and hope for the best?

-Do you shame your partner/ does your partner shame you over how much they/you eat at the restaurant?

-Do you like doing food challenges with friends?

-Are you picky when it comes to food?


If any of the above applies to you, we want to hear from you!


Email your name and contact number to or call 029 2245 0059.

Deadline for applicants is 31 March, 2016, but the sooner we hear from you the better!


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