Review: Our First Degustabox (Plus a Whopping Discount For You!)

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We were recently contacted by Degustabox UK to see if we would be interested in trying out their service. Degustabox is a food subscription box service that delivers between 9 and 14 products to your door each month. Many of the products are new to the market, meaning you will be one of the first to experience them for yourself.


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The total value of the products comes to more than you’ll pay for the box subscription itself, and you aren’t tied in to any minimum terms at all. If you want to try a single box, you can. And you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you sign up on or before the 16th of the month you will receive your box by the end of the month. Sign up after that date and you will receive your goodies by the 8th of the following month.


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Usually retailing at £12.99 per box which includes delivery, we have a special code which will give our readers a whopping £6.00 discount on their order, bringing the cost of your box down to only £6.99. Simply enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout on the Degustabox UK site and enjoy a range of mouthwatering goodies for less.

So what did we think of our first box? Here are the contents of our January box…


Degustabox Jan


Let’s see what we have here:


Finn Crisp Crispbread

Finn Crisp Original Thins are very thin indeed. They looked a lot bigger in the photo than they turned out to be but despite their slenderness, they are packed with goodness. The Finnish crispbreads are made from 100% rye wholegrain which means they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – not to mention natural fibre. I hadn’t tried them before and really loved these. I even broke them up into my lunchtime soup as a healthy alternative to croutons.



This is a mild beer that is brewed in the North Eastern Chinese seaport of Qingdao. Created from pure Laoshan Mountain spring water, it almost makes beer-drinking feel healthy. Mild and smooth, it’s easy on the palate.


Coldpress Apple juice

Coldpress juices are a huge favourite in our house. They really taste like the produce they are made from and thanks to their ‘cold pressed’ process of manufacture, they retain more of the fruit’s natural nutrients and vitamins. Love this!


Conscious Chocolate – Chocolate bar

Conscious Chocolates are a range of raw, organic, vegan and handmade chocolate bars. We haven’t tucked into these yet but believe they can be used for cooking as well as eating straight from the pack. I’ll be trying them out in a recipe soon so bear with me!


Jordans Ryvita – Country Crisp Cereal

Another family favourite already, it was a delight to find a box of fruit and nut Country Crisp in our January box. Delicious!


Amoy – Taste of Asia Sauce 

We received two of these sauces in different flavours – the Thai Green Curry and the Malaysian Laksa. I haven’t tried cooking many Asian dishes before so am looking forward to adding to our culinary menu and trying these out. Any recipe recommendations? Let me know. I’ll let you know how I go!


Calbee – Yushoi Sticks

With each bag containing four servings, these baked Yushoi Sticks are heralded as a healthier alternative to traditional fried potato crisps. Baked instead of fried, these come in at 99 calories for each 21 gram serving. They were delicious! This is one product that we will definitely be looking out for again!


Clarks – Carob Syrop

This is a fruit syrup created by extracting the fruits from the carob plant. Sweet tasting and pleasant, the children have been enjoying it drizzled on their porridge as an alternative to honey. You can also use it to sweeten drinks but as we do not add sugar to our tea and coffee we haven’t tried this.


Nah Foods – Slim Noodles

You can’t win them all and, I’m afraid, this is one product that didn’t make the cut for us. Made from organic Konjac flour and oat fibre, Slim Noodles claim to be an alternative to regular noodles. With just 9 calories per 100g serving, they are fat-free, gluten-free and carb-free. Unfortunately, we also found them flavour-free and satisfaction-free and ended up feeding them to our chickens. Sorry, Nah Foods.


Fruitbowl – Blackcurrant

Fruitbowl have created fruit snacks in handy packs, suitable for when fresh fruit isn’t available or convenient to have to hand. They taste good and don’t disappoint. A nice addition to the box.


AO Foods – Fit Fit bar

Last but not least, we had a couple of Fit Fit bars included in our box. Fruit is ground to a paste and a little sulphur dioxide is added to the apricot for enhancing the colour effect. Nuts are roughly chopped into small pieces. Then the squishy mixture is squeezed into a small, round package. We were a little confused as to what the difference would be between eating one of these or a handful of fresh apricots – apart from the added colour enhancers. They tasted good and, like the Fruitbowls, might be handy when fresh fruit isn’t available or convenient to have to hand. Personally, I prefer my fruit fresh and unmeddled with and not wrapped in clingfilm. I’m afraid none of us were wholly convinced on this product either.


With only one product we definitely wouldn’t want to try again and another that we wouldn’t go out of our way to purchase ourselves, we thought the January Degustabox was quite successful overall. There were a few favourites of ours already and a couple more that we will definitely be looking out for on the shelves that we probably wouldn’t have if we weren’t introduced to them through the box. It seems to be a good way to try new foods and products that you might normally walk straight past in the supermarket aisles for less than you would pay off the shelf. We’re looking forward to seeing what next month’s Degustabox brings!


Fancy giving it a try for yourself? Click over to Degustabox UK and sign up now, not forgetting to use the code BLDEG15 at checkout, to get your Degustabox goodies for a very impressive and not-to-be-missed bargain price of £6.99.



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