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Our younger boys love to pretend to be spies. The sneaking around, communicating in code and listening for information, even if it’s something boring, never seems to get old. And what does every decent spy require? Walkie talkies, of course! The best ones for the job are the SpyNet Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies which are brilliant for both indoor and outdoor use.

Within twenty minutes of the boys seeing the box the walkie talkies were out and on their heads as no one could resist! The Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies look like headphones rather than the hand-held devices we’ve owned before. This made their games so much more interactive as they were able to keep their hands free for the rest of their spy kit. They were simple to set up thanks to the basic and clear instructions they came with and all that they require is two AAA batteries in each headpiece. Once you have turned them on and paired them together, the only thing left to do is pop them on the head and get spying!

For the best performance the manual states that the ideal working distance is up to 100 feet which we would agree with. The Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies can work in an indoor and outdoor setting making the spying experience even greater than before! They are solid and sturdy so look as though they’ll withstand being thrown around from person to person which is always good where children are concerned.

All of the kids loved the walkie talkies and couldn’t wait for their turn. They loved their style and found it convenient having a hands-free set. They are the perfect objects to keep children entertained and using their imagination – and if Spy Net made adult-sized walkie talkies we’d guarantee the older ones would love them too!

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