Preserving memories with MAGIX Photo Story 2015 Deluxe

photo story 2015 deluxe


MAGIX have yet another amazing program that we love. After trying out their movie editing and music making software, we thought we’d give the Photo Story 2015 Deluxe a go and it turns out, it’s just as impressive!

With all our birthdays, holidays, Christmas, and other events, we had accumulated a large number of photos and short video footage. MAGIX Photo Story 2015 Deluxe allows us to put all of them together, videos and all, to make as many slideshows as we’d like.

It became clear that Photo Story is one of the best, if not the best, ways to create slideshows. We managed to get the professional look we wanted without any difficulty. There are so many templates to choose from for events such as birthdays and weddings. And similar to their other programs, there is a wide variety of sounds to choose from.

One of the most infuriating things we’d discover about the video footage we had was how some clips were loud and booming, and others so quiet you had to turn the volume all the way up in order to hear it. Thankfully, this software has automatic loudness adjustment which means we’re able to make everything the same volume, and no longer have to keep our fingers on the sound buttons.

A big time-saver was that you were able to drag entire folders onto the storyboard, rather than having to do it individually. Like in the MAGIX Movie Maker 2015, we have the ability to create several slideshows in one project, which are then displayed in tabs for easy accessibility.

We love the fact that we’re now able to put together some of our favourite clips of our life easily and quickly, without sacrificing quality. It will definitely be a program that we use regularly, whether we create slideshows out of birthdays, holidays, milestones, or even just the simple everyday things.

You can buy your own MAGIX Photo Story 2015 Deluxe (£69.99) from their website here. It is also available from Amazon.



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